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George Scott[note 1] was a police officer employed at the Raccoon Police Department, known for working the night shift. As such, he lived partially in the night-duty room. He chronicled his life between August 11th and September 12th, 1998 in a diary.[1]


In August 1998, after an extended amount of time without seeing daylight, George took a break from the night duty room to get some fresh air in the clock tower's cog room. He was caught and subsequently reprimanded by Chief Irons, though George questioned the Chief's seemingly-misplaced anger.[1]

At the beginning of September, George met Thomas, a man employed at the treatment plant near the precinct, and the two started playing chess together. Over time, George became concerned about Thomas' unusually voracious appetite and a compulsion to smell meat, unaware the man was infected with the t-Virus. By September 12, George began to notice he himself was feeling unwell.[1]

George was assigned with the night shift for September 29.[2] In the night duty room, George was attacked by a zombie. His throat was ripped out and his abdomen area torn out.[3] He was left to die in the night-duty room on the floor next to his bunk bed.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)Edit


Possibly George Scott sitting dead in his chair at his desk.

It is possible that George Scott is one of the two zombies you kill in the West offices, as the zombie in question is sitting at his desk, though if this is him or not remains to be seen.


  1. In the original Japanese script for Resident Evil 2, the character's diary is titled "George's Diary", revealing his name. The official English localization omits this, naming him only by his position as "Watchman". The surname is gathered from a bulletin board elsewhere in the police station which lists George as the new watchman.
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