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George Trevor (ジョージ・トレヴァー Jōji Torevā?) was the unfortunate architect who designed and oversaw the construction of the infamous Spencer Mansion in the middle of the woodland surrounding the Arklay Mountains, as well as the Antarctic Base. The design of the luxury liner Queen Zenobia (and by extension, those of her identical sister ships, the Queen Semiramis and the Queen Dido) was based on blueprints Trevor created before his disappearance. He is also the husband of Jessica Trevor and father of Lisa Trevor.


Construction of the mansionEdit

George Trevor was originally a prominent architect based in New York, known for his ingenuity and intelligence.[notes 1] One of the trademark gimmicks of his work was the existence of secret halls and rooms, and often enough panels that served as protective or deterring devices, as well as booby traps.[1] This attracted the attention of the aristocrat Oswell E. Spencer, who contracted him in 1962 to build a private mansion in the Arklay Mountains in the Raccoon City forest,[2][3] based on his European home, luring him with the prospect of unlimited funding so he could give free reign to his imagination-constructing a manor that would be, at the same time, beautiful and mysterious. George, enthralled by the idea, designed many of the trademark traps and secrets of the estate, and was eventually invited to the mansion itself once construction was complete. Having a considerable amount of work to do, he sent his wife Jessica and daughter Lisa to stay there before he could go himself; they themselves arrived on November 10, according to Spencer.[4]

Construction of the Antarctic mansionEdit

Along with the Spencer Mansion, George contributed to another facility. He also made architectural designs for Edward Ashford, which Alexander Ashford used in the construction of his Antarctic Base. The area of the Antarctic base that resembles the Spencer Mansion, does so because George reused many of his ideas from its construction. It is unknown whether or not Spencer approved of this, or if he was even aware of it at all.


Arriving at the estate on November 13, he was told by Spencer that his family had left earlier to see his Aunt Emma, who was ill.[4] He had dinner alone with Spencer, not knowing they were actually being subjected to experiments with the prototype Progenitor virus.

The next day on November 14 George was given the official tour of the mansion, where he was baffled by Spencer's collection of medieval Knights armour, Da Vinci paintings and Raphael statues. It was on this day, also, that Spencer made reference to his intention to open a pharmaceutical corporation, and that he would use the house as a private hotel for his employees. This puzzled George, who was expecting the mansion to be a private retreat for Spencer, alone, evident by the total-secrecy of the mansion's construction.[4]

While wandering around the manor on November 18, George began to constantly notice things that either were out of place or were not supposed to exist. The most notable incident was when he observed a deep hole behind the artificial waterfall; these were to be the foundations of the laboratory just being built there. White-robed men smelling of disinfectant escorted George away from the courtyard; they had been following him around the mansion for some time.[4]

On November 20, George lost his lighter. Believing it to be in the room with the hunting rifle (which related to a ceiling booby-trap), he checked, only to find that it had disappeared. Making his concerns about the trip known to Spencer, George notified him of his intention to depart the following day. The following day, George was observing paintings with Spencer and one of the white-robed men from before - the paintings were of a man's progression through life. At this point one of the men turned to him and said "right about now your family is-". At that point George was knocked unconscious from another man behind him and locked up in a room. It was on the 24th, after three days of captivity, that his realized the truth: he and Spencer were the only ones aware of the mansion's secrets, and Spencer wanted him dead as a liability. He made his preparations to escape.[4][5]

He tried to escape and was horrified to find one of his wife's shoes lying around in the manor.[5] His memory affected after being drugged, he struggled to remember the many puzzles he had devised, such as the Tiger Eyes and the Gold Emblem.[5] He tried to escape via a secret network of underground tunnels he had devised as a last-ditch escape route, but found himself no way out.[5]


After running from the guards for several days, George was forced to go into hiding into one of the unfinished passages. Half-starved and severely weakened, he could not remember the majority of the secrets he had designed himself and was tortured by the knowledge he had dragged his family into a nest of vipers.[5] Scurrying away to the hidden corridor, he jumped into a pit that led to the secret path. His path was blocked by a heavy stone he could not move. Touching it in the darkness of the pit, he knew there were letters engraved into the plaque. Lighting his last match, he saw his own name inscribed into the tombstone.[5] Realizing it was always his ultimate fate to die in that manor, he collapsed.[5] Trapped in the pit with no hope of escape, and pleading in his diary to his wife and daughter to forgive him, he quit struggling and finally died of thirst and starvation in the inescapable corridor.[5]

Resident Evil 7 Edit

On the attic above Lucas' childhood room is a note referencing how a company called "Trevor and Chamberlain constructions" were hired to renovate the Baker house. However, this was in 1992, bringing up the question if Trevor had owned the company before his death in 1967.


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