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Ghost Ship Panic is a minigame for Resident Evil: Revelations that is unique to its Nintendo Switch port.

The minigame is in form of a classic shoot 'em up style with enemies coming from the top of the screen towards the bottom of it, a combo can be built if enemies are defeated fast enough, which earns bonus points. This minigame can be played during loading screens and the points earned in it are turned into BP, the currecy used in Raid Mode.

There are four types of enemies in this mode:

  • Ooze - The weakest of them all, can be killed with one shot.
  • Scagdead - Explodes when killed, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Ooze Rachael - Moves faster than a regular Ooze.
  • Aculeozzo - Moves the fastest and can get away if not shot quickly enough, gives the most amount of points when killed.


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