Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Giant Black Widow was a particularly-large Black Widow B.O.W. It fought Chris Redfield in the Antarctic Base.


During his search for his sister Claire, Chris found this giant spider in the package sorting room after using the crane key to get Alexander's pierce from his dead mutated body.


One of these spiders, like the Black Tiger, reacted differently to the t-Virus than others of its kind and, again like the Black Tiger, reacted by growing significantly larger.

Unlike other spider-based B.O.W.s, Black Widows completely lacked body hair.[1]

After receiving a lot of damage, the spider's abdomen may explode, releasing many baby spiders.[2]


The Giant Black Widow serves as a boss in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica , but its fight with Chris Redfield is not required as the player can simply leave the package sorting room after obtaining Alexander's pierce. If the player intends to kill it, the Magnum is recommended to be used due to creature's HP. The player should also keep a distance, as Giant Black Widow has powerful attacks and can deal poison. After death, its baby spiders will attack the player.


Giant Black Widow's standard health value is 250HP. On Japan's "Very Easy" mode, it is lowered to 160.[3]


Giant Black Widow can perform only two attacks in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[3]

Name Damage Description
Scratch (引っかき hikkaki?) 40 Physical attack.
Venom (毒液 dokueki?) 20 Enemy spits poison on the player, potentially poisoning them.

Weapon chart

Weapon Long- Mid- Short-range
Handgun 15 13 10
Custom Handgun 15 13 10
M-100P 15x(1-2)[note 1] 8x(1-2)[note 2]
Bowgun w/ arrows 12 12 12
Bowgun w/ gunpowder arrows 50 50 50
Submachine gun 3x(1-2)[note 3]  
Grenade Launcher (Grenades) Hit, 25x(1-5); Blast, 40x(1-5)[note 4]  
Grenade Launcher (Acid) Hit and blast, 100  
Grenade Launcher (Napalm) Hit and blast, 50. Fire damage, 1.  
Grenade Launcher (anti-B.O.W. gas) Hit and blast, 10. Gas reduces HP by half.  
Assault Rifle 8  
Shotgun 50 30 10
Magnum 150 80 50


  1. Damage is calculated as 15 multiplied by 1 or 2, meaning each round causes either 15 or 30 damage at this range.
  2. Damage is calculated as 8 multiplied by 1 or 2, meaning each round causes either 8 or 16 damage at mid and long-range.
  3. The damage is calculated as 3 multiplied by one or two. Each round will cause 3 or 6 damage.
  4. The damage values of the initial Hit and the Blast are calculated as 25 multiplied by a random number between 1 and 5. Combined, the damage from this weapon could go from 65 to 325 damage.




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