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The Giant Chainsaw Man (巨大チェーンソー男 kyodai-chēnsō-otoko?)[notes 1] is a special Chainsaw Ganado on Stage 4 in the Resident Evil 4 minigame, The Mercenaries. He is a non-canon, upgraded version of Chainsaw Man. He also makes an appearance in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.


The Giant Chainsaw Man appears similar to the other Chainsaw Men, but is actually significantly taller, and his clothes are dirtier and blood-stained. He is armed with a double-bladed chainsaw (which is actually a pair of chainsaws chained together) that has sparks and thick black smoke flying off the blades.


Two Giant Chainsaw Men appear in Stage 4 and each are worth a base of 5,000 points when defeated. They will also usually drop First Aid Sprays. Although a unique enemy, they actually only have slightly more health than the regular Chainsaw Ganado. One can be spawned by acquiring thirty consecutive kills in the level, while the other is activated once the player triggers him or is the first to attack him.

Their only attack is entering a "Berserk" state where they wildly swing their chainsaw while approaching the player at surprising speed. Being hit by their attack results in an instant death and decapitation. While attacking, they move about as fast as the characters' walking speed unless their Berserk state is triggered.

They are extremely flinch-resistant, usually requiring multiple headshots to be staggered. While stunned, the player is not given melee prompts, though a melee on a nearby enemy can affect him as well. They can move extremely fast and can leap to the top of structures and roofs, although leaping up or dropping down to an area will make him stall for a few seconds to allow for some room. Though rare, it is possible for both to be present on the map and chasing the player simultaneously. The Giant Chainsaw Man uses the same sound effects as Gatling Man, and also has the same maniacal laughter, usually heard upon the player's death.


  • Making space between him and the player is crucial because of his deadly one-hit kill swing.
  • There is a hitbox for when he is jumping up ladders. If you hit him with any kind of weapon (except flashbangs) right as he is about to land, he will be blown back down. It is uncertain if it is the same for if he is jumping down from a ladder.
  • Never try to fight him when bowmen are around, they can stop your movement every time they hit you. If you're being chased, run inside where they have a lower chance of hitting you.
  • Always aim for the head when using handguns, TMP or shotguns, as body hits don't often make him flinch.
  • Keep in mind that even magnums or explosions fail to make him flinch on occasion, so be prepared to run if that happens.
  • Make use of the zip-line in the level to quickly put a lot of distance between you and the Giant Chainsaw Man.
  • Ganado holding sticks of dynamite will sometimes stun a Giant Chainsaw Man, giving players a moment of opportunity. They can also be stunned by Flash Grenades and be vulnerable to explosions and fire.
  • If you spawn on the middle of the tower or the top of it, it's advised to run if you jump down to the bottom, as the first Giant Chainsaw Man will ALWAYS activate nearby. If you're going toward the leftmost building, go up the ladder. If going to the rightmost building, go to the ladder and then toward the zip line and fire away at him when he starts to approach. If he comes very close, use the zip line.
  • The first one is easier to kill, however, the second one is far harder to kill since he has more HP than the first, so it's advised to use more ammo and grenades unless you are Krauser or Wesker.
  • The Giant Chainsaw Men have three different spawn points; the aforementioned tower if you spawn there, one in the door near the staircase, and one in a corner of the room after going right, leaving down the staircase. The one that spawns when going up the staircase may be a jump-scare for first-time players, but experienced players will take him out with optimal strategies.
  • The handgun is a great strategy when dealing with him, as the rate of fire incurs damage rather quickly.

There are various strategies for each character;

  • Leon Scott Kennedy - The player must be very careful while playing Leon. Because of the Riot Gun's slow firing speed and its lack of stopping power when shooting the Giant Chainsaw Man's torso, it is recommended to go for headshots for a stun. They also have to make sure nearby Ganado do not interrupt Leon's firing. If the player is to use any Hand Grenades, they should use them against the Giant Chainsaw Men first, before any of the regular Ganado. Multiple consecutive headshots with the Riot Gun at close range can also result in a quick kill, as long as the shots are fast, uninterrupted, and result in a stun with each blast. However, the Blacktail can also dispose of the Giant Chainsaw Man within one and a half clips or less, provided you have accuracy and get all the bullets into it; the torso and head can be shot to give similar results, thanks to him having slightly less health than a normal Ganado, or try to use the zip line to shoot him with the Blacktail from afar.
  • Ada Wong - The player should use her Semi-auto Rifle and aim for the Giant Chainsaw Man's head. This is viable because he usually approaches in the straight path toward the player. It's also advised to remove or discard the scope due to it increasing the range immensely and disorienting the player. It takes a few shots from Ada's Semi-auto Rifle to defeat the Giant Chainsaw Man. Using Ada's Incendiary Grenades first is useful for stunning him and any Ganados close by.
  • Jack Krauser - Using his Plaga Arm is the most effective weapon, as it results in a one-hit death on all enemies with a direct hit. The bow Krauser has can knock him to the ground or stun him, useful for keeping some distance. The player can stall for time while Krauser's arm is recharging by using Flash Grenades.
  • HUNK - The player should use his Hand Grenades and the explosive barrels around the stage. Using the TMP to stun the Giant Chainsaw Man can work, provided that the player aims for the head, but this will probably consume most of the player's ammo in the process. The Giant Chainsaw Man can also be killed with three different grenades in quick succession, due to the power of the grenades being almost as powerful as the Killer7. Though not recommended, it's possible to kill the Giant Chainsaw Man with TMP bullets only.
  • Albert Wesker - Because there are only two Giant Chainsaw Men, his Killer7 should be used without worry of conserving ammo. Alternatively, Wesker's Rifle and various Grenades can work if the player wants to save the Magnum Ammo for shielded enemies.

The Mercenaries 3DEdit

The Giant Chainsaw Man returns as a mini-boss character within the game. His appearance and methods of attack are the same as his Resident Evil 4 counterpart, but his HP is significantly heightened. He has, arguably, the highest HP of any miniboss character in the game and is rivaled only by the Red Executioner Majini in terms of endurance. An example of his extreme vitality and persistence is how he can take a full cylinder of Barry Burton's M500 magnum rounds to the head and body and still not die. He is far more dangerous than a regular Chainsaw Majini as he does not hesitate in attacking the player and his surprising speed surpasses that of most other enemies. Like most miniboss-type enemies in the game, he explodes upon death.

It should be noted that the player must back away quickly after performing a melee move, for he immediately begins his chainsaw rampage within about three seconds. This can be a problem for the player if playing as Barry Burton, as his Hurricane melee lasts for 3 seconds, which can cause an instant death as soon as Barry has finished the move. Jack Krauser also suffers a similar problem with his Drop Kick move.

Further notesEdit

  • Unlike the normal Chainsaw Man, there is no unique animation depicting the player's decapitation, nor is there an overt telegraphing of the kill strike moments before; the Giant Chainsaw Man's dual-bladed chainsaw delivers a beheading to the player with a clean, resistance-free stroke.
  • In The Mercenaries 3D, Giant Chainsaw Man does not decapitate the player (due to censorship policies Capcom has made following Resident Evil 4; in Japan, the policies go back to Resident Evil 2). Instead, the player is thrown a short distance and killed when hit by his chainsaw.



  1. This enemy's name comes from the Capcom-Famitsu guidebook, biohazard 4 kaitaishinsho. It is referred to as (巨大チェーンソー男|Kyodai chēnsō otoko?), which may also translate as "Huge Chainsaw Man". "Super Salvador" and "Mega Dr. Salvador" are fan-terms for this enemy, which lacks any official backing in licensed material.