Further notes

The Giant Majini appears in two variants: left-handed and right-handed. In their attack behaviour they will show no consideration for the safety of other Majini, and will hurt them if they get in the way. When killed in campaign mode, the Giant Majini will drop a Blue Enigma.


  • Club Smash - The Giant Majini rears back, and slams on the ground, dealing tremendous damage.
  • Kick - The Giant Majini will do a short minimal damage kick, sending the player flying.
  • Stomp - Giant Majini lifts his foot up, and slams on the ground; if the player is in dying status, the Majini's stomp will immediately send the player to the ground. From there, a scene plays where it slams its foot down on the player's head, crushing it. Needless to say, it results in instant death.
  • Lunge - The Giant Majini will let out an ululating war cry, anybody surrounding him will be thrown back during this, and runs and lunges several feet forward, slamming the player or any other Majini in the vicinity to the ground, dealing major damage.
  • Club Swing - The Giant Majini will swing back and forth twice, damaging the player and killing all Majini around him. He will usually do this after a lunge attack. This attack is identical to the The Executioner's axe swing.


  • Hand Grenades work fairly well on him.
  • Proximity Bombs are also a good idea to use on him.
  • Shoot him in the torso, back, or legs, as his head is completely bulletproof.
  • If you don't have a magnum, use a shotgun or a Sniper Rifle instead.
  • You should try and keep as far away as possible from him, as he has many attacks that will heavily damage you.
  • 1 shot of a magnum will kneel him, this will allow you to perform a melee attack.
  • Avoid using Handguns or Machine Guns, as they only deal minimal damage.

Melee prompts

During these animations the player can use a melee attack when close to a Giant Majini.

  • Block - The Giant Majini will cross his arms and slide backward. Player will be able to use the melee attack normally used for Majini stunned in the leg and approached from the front.
  • Kneel - He will do this when shot on the lower part of his body with any weapon. The Giant Majini will drop to his knees. Characters will use their melee attack for hitting a normal Majini when approaching from the front when they're stunned in the arm.
  • Recovering from Melee - He will do this only after being attacked from another melee while he is in Kneel state, and the player will be prompted perform their character's combo finishing melee from the front.


Giant Majini also exist as a toned-down version in The Mercenaries level Ancient Ruins.

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