Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Giant Moth was an experimental Bio Organic Weapon developed by Umbrella. They should not be confused with the Moth, another infected insect, which is smaller in size.


Giant Moth research was conducted in the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, at least one moth escaped its chamber and made the B5F computer room its nest, using the facility's air conditioning system to hunt in the main shaft and bring prey back. Another Giant Moth was present on Sheena Island during its own biohazardous outbreak. Like its fellow, it also experienced the same problem regarding its exaggerated proportions.[1]


Babymoth2 ene

The research into moth-based B.O.W.s was a failure in this experiment. Mutating to a larger size normally did not keep them in proportion, making their wings strong enough only to hover over the ground. However they did also developed the ability to spit poison on prey as a means of compensating for their flight problems.[2]

Gameplay Edit

Resident Evil 2 Edit

Use the grenade launcher or shotgun against it.

Outbreak Edit

If you aren't playing with Yoko, use the shotgun against it because you will be captured and poisoned if the moth isn't killed. Yoko also need to kill the moth in harder difficulties because the poison drain your health quickly.

Survivor Edit

Ignore them. If you wanna fight, use the shotgun and pay attention to not be attacked by the other one.



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