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Giga Bite was a gigantic flea which grew to unusual size due to a t-Virus infection. It lived in the subway tunnels around South Raccoon Street Station as part of a nest populated by the smaller Mega Bites During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, it was killed by Jim Chapman and several survivors.[1] Its exact relationship with the Mega Bites in its nest is uncertain, whether it was their mother, a more successful Mega Bite, or even a Mega Bite which experienced a rare case of hyper-gigantism.


Giga Bite is introduced in the later minutes of the level, "Underbelly", where it is a boss enemy. This battle is triggered after the subway train is decoupled from its broken carriage, with a cutscene showing it ambush and drag away the player or an AIPC. Whichever character was kidnapped will respawn at the east tunnel.

During the fight, Giga Bite stands at the far end of the nest, protected by the Mega Bites. It will not actively pursue the players, instead only sweeping at players if they get too close. Unless the player can get behind Giga Bite where it cannot defend itself and use the insecticide, it is strongly advised to instead use firearms or Molotov Cocktails instead of melee weapons.

Further notes

  • Its name is a pun of the computer memory size called a Gigabyte which is far larger than the Megabyte (Mega Bite).
  • Giga Bite appears in the Showdown mini-games, as one of the many bosses needed to be defeated.


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