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"The animal eyes! Oh god..."
— Gina to Claire.

Gina Foley was a member of TerraSave and co-worker of Claire Redfield.

While Gina shares her surname with Rachel Foley, it is unknown what relation, if any, these two share.


Early life and Terragrigia Panic

In 2004, Gina had only just joined TerraSave straight out of college to then witness the tragedy of bio-terrorism known as the Terragrigia Panic, she had no real survival experience and this had a profound effect on her.[3] She was known to be beautiful and intelligent and her authority was recognized by her co-workers, being a well respected member of Human Resources.[1]

Penal Colony

In 2011, after an attack during a TerraSave party, Gina was kidnapped and taken to a deserted island, where she was chased and fatally wounded by an Afflicted. She finally succumbed to her wounds in Claire's arms, painfully whispering about their "animal eyes".


Claire and Moira later meet up with other TerraSave members Gabriel Chavez and Pedro Fernandez at the Wossek. Claire informs the pair that she had woken up in a run down prison and that Gina had been killed.


Later as Claire and Moira pursue The Overseer, they come to a computer station showing every corner of the island and the participants, Gina among them, with a FAILED across her image.


Gina wears a charcoal coloured mini skirt, semi transparent pantyhose with black high heels and a white blouse which is slightly unbuttoned. Gina has brown hair which is piled to the sides in the front, with the right side covering her right ear, while the left side is pulled behind her left ear, in a similar fashion to Rachel's hair.


  1. Stated to be 29 years old in 2011.
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