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Gina Foley was a member of TerraSave and co-worker of Claire Redfield.

While Gina shares her surname with Rachael Foley, it is currently unknown if the two share any relation. She is confirmed to be playable in Raid Mode as an unlockable character.


She witnessed the tragedy of bio-terrorism known as the "Terragrigia Panic" She is, overwhelmed by a sense of the information and reality. She is described as beautiful and intelligent.

In 2011 after an attack during a TerraSave party, Gina was kidnapped and taken to a deserted island prison, where she was chased and fatally wounded by an Afflicted. She finally succumbed to her wounds in Claire's arms, painfully whispering about their "animal eyes".


Gina wears a charcoal coloured mini skirt, semi transparent leggings with black high heels and a white blouse which is slightly unbuttoned. Gina has brunette hair which is piled to the sides in the front, with the right side covering her right ear, while the left side is pulled behind her left ear.



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