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Ginger was a civilian living in Raccoon City at the time of the viral outbreak. She turns into a Mutated Zombie then into a Zombie and was later killed.[1]


Ginger's character skin can only be accessed through cheat devices such as GameSharks. She is a Cindy-type character and starts with a mixture of two green herbs.

Ginger's stats are as follows:

  • A fast movement speed similar to that of David King's.
  • An average vitality (between 2000 and 2500).
  • An attack power similar to that of Mark Wilkins'.
  • And an average Infection rate of 1.07% per minute.

Ginger is also used as a template for female zombies in both Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Further Notes[]

  • She is called Woman1 in File #1.


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