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"Maybe this is what I've always wanted: The world in flames, where only the dead remain."

Glenn Arias was a black market bioweapon salesman.

Biography Edit

A wanted criminal, Arias filled in the gap in the bioterror playing field left by the dismantlement of TRICELL and Neo-Umbrella, selling their leftover bio-weapons to criminal syndicates and terrorists across the world. He was also responsible for the creation of a type of B.O.W. that could distinguish friend from foe.[1]

At an undisclosed time, a drone found Arias and dropped a bomb on him during his wedding to his wife, Sarah. The blast killed nearly all those present, including his wife save for Glenn himself, his friend Diego and his daughter Maria. Driven to madness at the loss of his wife, Arias swore vengeance at humanity and developed the deadly A-Virus with the intent of eradicating mankind and "resetting" the world once and for all.

He was present in the mansion when it was infiltrated by B.S.A.A. SOU Captain Chris Redfield and the Mexican army unit. During the infiltration, Arias was confronted by Redfield after the death of his team, but Arias, taking advantage of the exhausted Chris who just jumped out of the window, easily bested him in combat and managed to escape when Chris was swarmed by zombies.

Arias ordered Maria and Diego to capture Rebecca Chambers after her university was attacked and the virus was unleashed on its grounds and realizing Chambers managed to survive and developed the vaccine to his virus.

He was later followed to New York by Chris and Leon Kennedy to save Rebecca where Arias and his allies initiated a viral outbreak within the city by unleashing a gaseous A-virus.[1]

At his New York hideout, Arias is intrigued that Rebecca knows how his virus is able to make his B.O.W. attack anybody he chooses, and she reveals his means of spreading the Latent Virus through a bottled water company. Glenn Arias then brushes off Rebecca's statement that her comrades have the data to her vaccine that will put an end to his shady business. He later reveals to Rebecca the reason he wants her alive is that she looks strikingly similar to Sarah and intent on making her his bride with Sarah's wedding ring. After proposing to Rebecca and getting rejected, Arias infected Rebecca with an even stronger strain created from her own blood.

Seeing Chris arrived at his headquarter to rescue Rebecca, Glenn Arias unleashed hordes after hordes of zombies to kill Chris. Chris, however, managed to kill most of the zombies from the 1st wave in an impressive display of shooting and assault rifle skills.

Seeing Chris successfully rescuing Rebecca, Glenn Arias confronted and battled Chris at the top of a skyscraper in both a gun battle and a close combat. After both men failed to shoot each other with their weapons, Arias closed in on Chris and attempted to hit Chris but was instead speared to the floor by Chris, both Chris and Arias fought each other to a standstill, with both men managing to disarm each other of his weapons. The fight was equally matched throughout most of the part but when Arias tried to get on top of Chris he always ended up getting knocked down when it came to ground fighting, this was due to Chris being extremely proficient in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. However, Arias later gained an upper hand over Chris during the fight, landing several punches on Chris and shattering part of the glass floor. However, even the most powerful punch from Arias failed to knock Chris out as Chris quickly outlined that unfavorable situation and executed a Sumi Gaeshi Judo throw, causing Arias to smash through the glass mirror and falling to his apparent death, thus losing the fight against Chris. However, Arias survives and mutates into a tyrant-like creature after merging with Diego, his friend, and bodyguard. Arias again fights Chris, managing to grab Chris and attempted to squeeze him to death but the timely arrival of Leon prevented this. Arias battled Leon but ended up getting kicked in the head by Leon in the process. Nadia and D.C arrived on the helicopter, with Nadia killing Diego with a shot to the head from a rail gun. Arias attempted to bring down the helicopter but was rammed by Leon's motorcycle and injured by the subsequent explosions. As Arias hanged onto the building and the helicopter, he is finally killed by Chris when he shoots a grenade from a grenade launcher at Arias' heart and he dies in the explosion with all of his flesh, including his wedding ring, falling onto the ground.

Summary Edit

In summary, Glenn Arias is a brilliant merchant, a capable biologist who can engineer his own virus strains and an expert in close quarters combat, displaying such talents in using a rifle as a blunt weapon to block Chris's knife attack. Arias himself also was a deadly knife fighter, he skillfully handled a combat knife by trying to slash/stab Chris with fast and consecutive strikes but was unable to get a clean cut due to Chris being a knife expert with fast reflexes and defensive techniques. Glenn Arias is also exceptionally good in unarmed combat, his skill just wasn't good enough for him to defeat Chris Redfield who proved to be a better Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Arias biggest miscalculation was trying to face Chris in ground fighting but the merchant of death could very well be considered one of the best fighters in the series.

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Notes Edit

  • It is unknown if Arias has had any form of mutation that enhances his performance or endurance as a combatant via viruses, etc. His proficiency in combat and overall strength overshadows even Chris', which is notably considered as the peak of human strength/ endurance, albeit having a normal/ fit appearance without overbearing musculature forms. He was also able to survive a fall that would instantly kill a human being.
  • Arias' mutated form (dubbed Ariego) bears resemblance to a mix between the T-103 Tyrant's unlimited form and Birkin's phase 2 G mutation. Namely, it bears a striking resemblance to the former B.O.W. with the additional head near his left breast akin to Birkin's suppressed head during his 2nd mutation.
  • Ariego may very well be the most resilient "Tyrant" yet, being able to withstand a barrage of shots from Leon's Lightning Hawk, a direct hit from a Railgun that leveled four buildings shortly thereafter, and a direct explosion from Leon's bike before being finished off by Chris' grenade.



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