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"Maybe this is what I've always wanted: The world in flames, where only the dead remain."

Glenn Arias (グレン・アリアス guren ariasu?) is the alias of a former CIA agent who became a major bioweapons dealer during the War on Terror. After the death of his wife from a CIA drone strike, Arias led an operation to release the newly developed A-Virus across multiple north-eastern US states in retaliation.[2]


Following his CIA infiltration into the bioweapons black market, Arias was quickly overcome by the financially lucrative rewards, and was able to dominate much of the market which had seen fragmentation after the demise of Tricell and Neo Umbrella. Seeking to create his own products, Arias also pioneered bioweaponry which allowed the immediate distinguishing of friend and foe. Soon the CIA became aware of his dealings, and ordered his immediate execution.[2] Aware he was to be married to his partner, Sarah, a drone strike was ordered by the U.S. government at his wedding, killing everyone in attendance with the exception of Arias himself, his friend Diego Gomez and Gomez's daughter, Maria. Driven to madness at the loss of his wife, Arias swore vengeance on humanity and developed the deadly A-Virus alongside the Spanish terrorist group Los Iluminados, with the intent of eradicating mankind and "resetting" the world once and for all.[3] For his plans, this consisted of three virus strains that worked in tandem: Type I was to mutate humans into Zombies and spread through A-GUA brand bottled water to maximise its spread. Type I however was inactive until the body was exposed to Type II, while Type III was able to nullify the brainwashing affects of Type I while keeping them identified as friendly to other mutants.[3] Through the use of A-GUA, as the plan reached final preparations it was being drunk by people in Canada and the United States from the Great Lakes to New York.

By 2014, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance was aware of his influence in the bioweapons black market, and sent out a spy, Cathy White, to investigate. White was soon identified and taken to a mansion in Mexico with her son. Knowing a rescue mission was inevitable, Arias had the mansion contaminated with the A-Virus and had booby traps rigged throughout. When help came in the form of a combined BSAA-Mexican Army taskforce, all but SOU Captain Chris Redfield were killed. Arias himself bested Redfield in martial arts, and was able to escape with the Gomezes before reinforcements could arrive. Following this, an attack was arranged on a university conducting research on the virus.[3]

When returning to his base in New York City, Arias had Redfield and his BSAA team watched. Taken aback by BSAA advisor Dr. Rebecca Chambers' resemblance to his wife, Arias had the Gomezes abduct her rather than kill her over her vaccine research. As she slept, a blood sample was extracted from her body and antibodies exposed to the A-Virus, eventually resulting in a mutant strain emerging that was immune. When Chambers awoke, he was made aware her research had determined the bottled water connection, and was in the hands of Redfield. Arias skirted the issue to propose marriage owing to her resemblance, but was rejected, and thereafter infected her with a mutant A-Virus strain.[3]

The following day, Arias ordered the 'Trigger' strain be released in an airborne state, and his agents drove A-GUA trucks across New York, quickly zombifying hundreds if not thousands in the opening minutes. As the B.S.A.A. and New York Police Department fought in the streets of New York City, Redfield's team and DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy infiltrated Arias' building in search of Chambers and a second airborne strain designed to halt the zombies' violent tendencies and effectively return them to normal. Arias himself would fight Redfield once more on the rooftop, but Redfield gained the upper hand and forced his body through a glass ceiling. Dying, Arias was approached by Diego, and was absorbed into his mutant body to keep himself alive. The combined being, "Ariego", returned to the rooftop to fight Redfield once again. This time, however, he was met with Kennedy and a BSAA tiltrotor armed with a railgun. The combined firepower drove Ariego to the side of the building, where he could not protect himself from a grenade launcher shell exploding over his heart.[3]


Further notes

  • It is unknown if Arias has had any form of mutation that enhances his performance or endurance as a combatant via viruses, etc. His proficiency in combat and overall strength overshadows even Chris', which is notably considered as the peak of human strength/ endurance, albeit having a normal/ fit appearance without overbearing musculature forms. He was also able to survive a fall that would instantly kill a human being.
  • Arias' mutated form (dubbed Ariego) bears resemblance to a mix between the T-103 Tyrant's unlimited form and Birkin's phase 2 G mutation. Namely, it bears a striking resemblance to the former B.O.W. with the additional head near his left breast akin to Birkin's suppressed head during his 2nd mutation.