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Gnezdo is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6 's Ada Chapter 1. As with all files in the game, the bottom part (or the top part of this one) of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


I thought it was a woman standing there at first, but then I got closer and saw that it was a huge swarm of bugs in the shape of a woman. I freaked out and tried to run, but they came after me. There wasn't anything I could do against them. They nibbled at me until I was covered in blood. I was lucky to survive.

-Record of a Gnezdo-attack victim


The Gnezdo is a creature that results from high-level mutation brought on by exposure to the C-Virus. Gnezdo is derived from the Serbian word for "hive."

These small creatures have the appearance of hornets, and they can form a swarm that mirrors the size and shape of a human being. Just as with ants and bees, the Gnezdo behave with a hive mindset, but each individual creature has its own role to play.

Where the Gnezdo differ is that their queen does not continue to propagate the species, but serves only as a commander, giving out orders like a general to an army. The sensory perceptions are shared between the queen and the individual Gnezdo. If the queen is lost, the swarm will dissolve; as long as she lives, however, the swarm will remain intact and follow her commands.

The queen is hard to spot among the swarm as it attempts to conceal and protect her. An attack on the swarm will momentarily scatter the Gnezdo, revealing the queen and exposing her to danger.









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