"Looks like you're not the only ones headed downstream…all in a day's work for you guys though, right?"
— RE.NET description

Go with the Flow was an online event for Resident Evil 6, hosted by RE.NET from 24–28 May 2013.


Participation conditions
Users who have uploaded data during the event period
(Please also check the general participation notes below)

- Earn as many of the target medals as possible
- The medals valid for this event are as follows: 
Acquired the Simmons Family ring (Leon chapter 3-1)
Discovered the exit of the underground caves (Leon chapter 3-2)
Defeated the B.O.W. lurking in the water (Leon chapter 3-4)
Stopped the flames without your partner's help (Leon chapter 3-1)
(Other medals or enemy kills are not used for this event) 
- No difficulty setting limits.
- No single / multiplayer limits.

6/4/2013 18:00(JST)
6/4/2013 09:00(GMT)
6/4/2013 01:00(PT)

Participation prize:The following RE Points are awarded according to rank!

  • 1st:100,000RE Points
  • 2nd:70,000RE Points
  • 3rd:50,000RE Points
  • 4th - 100th:40,000RE Points
  • 101st - 1,000th:30,000RE Points
  • 1,001st - 5,000th:20,000RE Points
  • 5,001st and below:10,000RE Points


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