Gold is a currency item introduced in Resident Evil 5, it's also present in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is the successor of the Pesetas in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 5

In Resident Evil 5, gold can be used to upgrade weapons and buy weapons or special items such as the Bulletproof vest. Gold only appears in the main story mode, it will not spawn in any Mercenaries iteration, Versus, Lost in Nightmares or Desperate Escape. In the last two, gold is replaced with Score stars.

Any treasure item in the game can be sold for gold, and there are different types of gold size in the game, with Gold (Small) giving 100 pieces gold, Gold (Large) giving 400 pieces, and Gold bars giving 3000 pieces.

Similar to the Pesetas in Resident Evil 4, all gold items have a blue color to them to make it easier to distinguish between the other item types in the environment, but unlike RE4, in this game there is an animation the character will make when picking up gold.

There is one award in the game called Take it to the Max which requires 1,399,000 gold to unlock. In the Professional difficulty, all gold drops will be doubled. This system was again used in Resident Evil 6, with Skill Points being doubled in the No Hope difficulty.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

In The Darkside Chronicles, gold is only used to upgrade weapons. It appears in both the story mode and The Tofu Survivor.

Gold is gotten not just by picking it up from the environment, but also by destroying objects such as windows, lights, books, boxes, etc. Some objects will not give gold every time however. Just like in Resident Evil 5, there are different types of gold: a "coin" and "bar" types, coins will generally give less gold than bars, but in later chapters, coins can give up to 3000 gold in each drop.

Each time a coin is shot before it touches the ground, it will increase the amount of gold gotten from it.

There are four titles related to gold in the game, they are:

  • Well-Off - Collect a total of 50,000 gold
  • Wealthy - Collect a total of 100,000 gold
  • Ultra-Rich - Collect a total of 150,000 gold
  • Weapon Master - Fully upgrade all weapons (requires 1,833,000 gold)

Additionally, there is a hidden "coin shoot" mechanic where if an object is destroyed and drops a coin of gold, it can be shot multiple times, each time it's shot the amount of gold given by the coin increases, there is however a limit on how much gold the coin will give this way, probably to avoid players from being able to gain huge chunks of gold early into the game.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, gold is a currency in Raid Mode, while it's not an item that can be earned within the Campaign chapters, it can be gotten from it by exchanging BP for Gold within the main menu. In Raid Mode, gold is an invisible currency that the player earns by killing enemies, completing stages or selling weapons / parts, unlike Resident Evil 5, there is never a point where gold is "picked up" from the environment or an enemy's dead body.

Gold and Skill Points (SP) are the main currency in Raid Mode, SP can only be used to buy and upgrade skills, but gold can be used to buy, upgrade and evaluate weapons / parts and to combine parts to level them up.

Gold is also required to play most stages in Raid Mode, however, every stage will always give gold once completed, no matter how many times it's played.

There is one custom part that increases the amount of gold earned from killing enemies, it's called Greedy Killer. It's worth noting that only the weapon's final blow will give the Greedy Killer bonus, if the weapon also has a Fire Ammo part on it and the burn damage ends up killig the enemy, it will not give the bonus gold.

There are 3 in-game records in the game that require gold to be completed:

There is also one award that requires gold to be unlocked:

  • Jammin' - Evaluate an item in Raid Mode
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