"A handcrafted gold bangle with a beautiful decoration carved around it. "
— Item examination

Gold Bangles are treasure items found in Resident Evil 4. They are found in various places in the game. They are simple gold jewelry and can be sold for 8,500₧ (or 9,800₧ in the PS2 version).


There are four in the main game. The first is found in the Castle Wall area of Chapter 3-1 in a treasure chest in the southwest corner of the second floor by the shack. The second can be found when playing as Ashley Graham in Chapter 3-4. The third is found in Chapter 4-1, right after you go through a tower with gears held by a purple Cultist wielding a rocket launcher. The fourth Bangle is found in Chapter 4-4 at the very top of the castle tower, before the Ramon Salazar boss fight. In Separate Ways, one can be found in the Farm area during Chapter 2.



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