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"There's a scratch. Someone may have used it. "
— 1996 item description.
"It's galled all around the outer edges due to frequent fitting. "
— 2002 item description.

The Gold Emblem is an event item that can be found in Resident Evil.


Dining hall 1996 (4)

The Gold Emblem can be switched with the emblem to reveal the Shield Key behind the grandfather clock.

The gold emblem can be swapped with the bronze emblem in the dining hall to retrieve the Shield Key from behind a grandfather clock on the north wall.


Bar 1996 (5)

The Gold Emblem can be found here.

This emblem is found in the secret passage inside the Bar. Playing "Moonlight Sonata" on the piano will reveal the entrance. If the gold emblem is retrieved, the door will close down. To escape, the player must place the emblem on the statue.