"Gold Lugers The grip is nicely decorated. It uses 30 Luger rounds."
— Item examination - English
— Item examination - Japanese

The Gold Lugers (ゴールドルガー gōrudorugā?) are two, nicely decorated dual wielded handguns used as keys in the Official residence on Rockfort Island.


The Gold Lugers can be first be found in the Screening room in the area behind the bookshelf that moves after watching the film that plays. They take up 2 spaces of inventory and picking up the Lugers here will activate a trap that will lock Claire in the room. Putting them back will deactivate the trap. Leaving this room then attempting to leave the Official residence will trigger a scene where Claire hears Steve Burnside calling for help. After the player helps Steve out of the same trap in the Screening room, he will keep the weapons for himself unless Claire trades him for "something fully automatic".

Steve later uses the Lugers and unloads all of its ammo to save Claire from being killed by a Bandersnatch in the Warehouse. Afterward the player exchanges their empty pair of Sub Machine Guns for the Lugers. From here the player will have the Lugers in their inventory but with no ammo for them. The Lugers are only used for placing them in the decorative door mount in the Secretary's office to unlock the door. No ammunition can be found for the guns.

The Gold Lugers are present in Steve's loadout in the Battle Game. The guns have infinite ammo, like all other weapons in the game. These weapons are very dangerous, with the ability to kill a Zombie in one shot if aimed correctly, like firing from a lower position, at a zombie who is walking down stairs towards you. The guns feature good stopping power. Like other dual weapons in the game, the Lugers are also capable of shooting two targets at the same time.

Further notes

  • The Golden Lugers were originally usable as weapons since their ammo is still in the game files (just like the ammo for Calico M100-P and the Sniper Rifle).
  • Tokyo Marui, an airsoft manufacturer, did a limited run of the Gold Lugers of exactly 500. There were two versions; one was just the two airsoft guns and the other included the guns and a plaque based on the Ashford relief. The guns are spring powered and are very expensive compared to the other Biohazard special edition replicas. In 2015, this replica was in display during the BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2 X Asobiba collaboration event.
  • Steve's use of the Gold Lugers assumingly is the inspiration for his handgun being a single, normal non-decorated lookalike of a Luger as his handgun in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.
  • A non usable Luger Replica can be found by Chris Redfield if the drawer puzzle is solved. This particular replica is required to unlock Steve in the Battle Game.




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