Extracanonical subject
(Unique game aspects not part of story canon)

The Tyrant (tentatively dubbed "Gold Tyrant") is an enemy unique to the Sega Saturn port of Resident Evil. Unique to the Battle Game mode, in terms of appearance it is almost identical to the two Tyrants encountered in the main game, only with a golden skin tone. If treating this boss as part of the Resident Evil canon, it would have been created in May 1998 alongside the other Tyrant prototypes at the Arklay Laboratory.


The Tyrant appears in Stage 15 of the Battle Game, and serves as this game's boss. As this fight takes place in the culture room on level B4, and the Tyrant's AI is the same as the T-002, the player is expected to fight it in the same manner as in the main game. The Famitsu guide to the Battle Game recommends saving nine Colt Python bullets to take out the Tyrant.[2]



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