"A golden statue with 3 holes."
— Item examination

The Golden Lynx is a treasure item that appears in Resident Evil 4. It is a small gold statue of a Lynx that can be fitted with three gems: The Blue Stone of Treason, the Green Stone of Judgement and the Red Stone of Faith.

It is found in Chapter 5-1 in a cave where you have to shoot a red barrel to destroy boulders blocking the way to it. It is found on a ledge behind the boulders. In Separate Ways, it is in the beginning area of Chapter 4. You must hookshot into a set of pipes then go through a vent and drop down into a different room to reach it.

Selling Value

With no stones 15,000₧
With one stone 20,000₧
With two stones 25,000₧
With all three stones 35,000₧




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