"The city has gone dark and survivors are isolated. Raccoon City has been reduced to a B.O.W. testing ground and Wolfpack are told to get Umbrella's prized creature - the Nemesis - back under control and into the action. "
— Official level description

Gone Rogue (凶化 kyō-ka?) is the fourth mission of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Delta Team is ordered by U.S.S. Command to bring the Nemesis-T Type under control after it becomes rogue. Command seeks an NE-α Type parasite, which can be found in a top-secret Umbrella facility; the parasite must be injected into the Nemesis to bring it back under control. Reaching the facility, Delta team finds it full of US military personnel. They eventually reach the laboratory housing the parasite, and extract it from the brain of an unconscious T-103. About to leave the facility in search of the Nemesis, the T-103 awakens and, without the parasite controlling its actions, proceeds to hunt down the team, who find themselves unable to flee the lab without special keycards lying around the facility. Eventually escaping, they make their way down an elevator to the Nemesis, which is taking out team after team of SpecOps. Finally, the creature is defeated after a long fight and a second parasite is injected into it. Reawakening some time later to an empty warehouse, it continues with its objective: to hunt down and kill any and all surviving S.T.A.R.S. personnel.


U.S.S. Command: "Delta Team, the corporation has used the outbreak in Raccoon City as an opportunity to deploy a prototype of our most powerful and responsive B.O.W. to date the T02. Code named Nemesis. It's on a mission to kill the last remaining members of S.T.A.R.S. However, is has been damaged and is no longer responding to commands. We need you to relocate and repair it."

Four Eyes: "Copy that, command. Repairing a prototype B.O.W.? this should be interesting..."

U.S.S. Command: "First, you'll need to secure a working NE-α parasite. We've identified one inside of an Umbrella facility nearby."

Lupo: "Understood. We'll take care of it."




Weapons that can be found during the mission:

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Found during the mission:

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