Good Bye, Leon (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays towards the end of the Leon A scenario.


As Leon S. Kennedy walks along the Main Shaft, Ada Wong aims a gun at him, ordering him to hand over the G-Virus. Leon is shocked, and finally comes to terms with Annette Birkin's earlier claim that she is a spy sent to steal it. Although he refuses to hand it over, Ada cannot kill him and lowers her handgun. An injured and hitherto unseen Annette then shoots Ada through the shoulder from behind before collapsing from exhaustion. Ada trips over the bridge and hangs over the chasm below. Leon tries to pull her up, but it is too late. Ada falls. Holding the G-Virus sample in his hand, Leon throws it down the chasm in disgust.


Ada Wong: "Leon! I've been waiting for you, Leon."

Leon S. Kennedy: "Wh-what are you doing?"

Ada: "You know what this is about. So, just hand over the G-Virus."

Leon: "I don't believe this. Annette was right... about everything."

Ada: "That's why I told you to leave without me, but you wouldn't listen! Now, hand it over. Don't make me shoot you!"

Leon: "You can't do that..."

Ada: "Aaaaah..."

Leon: "Ada! Ada, I've got you! Don't give up."

Annette: "G... G-Virus..."

Ada: "Leon... it's over... just... let me die..."

Leon: "Shut up! You're gonna make it!"

Ada: "It's too late, Leon... We both know it..."

Leon: "No! I promised you we would escape. You just have to help me out here!"

Ada: "I... really wanted to escape with you, Leon... Escape from... everything... Good-bye..."

Leon: "Ada!"
"So... this is what everyone's been dying for."

Ada Wong:「レオン! 待ってたわ レオン」

Leon S. Kennedy:「何のつもりだ?」

Ada:「分かるでしょ G-ウィルスを渡して」

Leon:「何てことだ これが事実だったのか」

Ada:「だから逃げろって言ったのよ それなのに・・・! さあ渡して ・・・どないと撃つわよ!」

「エイダ! エイダ 手を放すな!」


Ada:「レオン 私はもう・・・ 死なせて」

Leon:「黙ってる いま日引き上げる!」

Ada:「もう終わりよ 分かるでしょ?」

Leon:「黙れ! 一緒に逃げると約束した 二人でここを出るんだ!」

Ada:「私 あなたとなら逃げてもよかった どこまでも・・・ さよなら」



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