Good Epilogue (Alyssa) is a cutscene in the "end of the road" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is played after the credits when beating the level as Alyssa Ashcroft and saving Linda.


Alyssa Ashcroft has settled into her new life, which involves much focus on weight lifting to overcome any shortcomings she experience in Raccoon City. The television plays news of the allegations against Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in the wake of the tragedy, while a copy of the Daily Advisor lays open, displaying a story written by Ashcroft, titled "What is BOW? Blowing the Lid off this Horrifying Secret Project."


Alyssa Ashcroft: "I'm fully aware of that, thank you very much! It's all about strength - physical strength!"

Alyssa Ashcroft: 「実際、痛感したわ…」

「”生物兵器とは? 恐るべき真相に追る”」



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