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"Good Rain" was one of two clones of Rain Ocampo encountered by Alice inside Umbrella Prime.



The clone that came to be known as "Good Rain" was manufactured from the DNA of Rain Ocampo in the Umbrella Prime test facility. Like all other Umbrella clones created at the facility, her purpose was to act as a test subject for Umbrella's T-virus simulations.

Suburbia Outbreak

When the Red Queen started a Suburbia simulation, "Good Rain" was one of the test subjects activated. Driving her Prius through the chaos of the Undead outbreak in her "hometown", Rain nearly ran over Alice and Becky. After berating Alice, Rain allowed the two to attempt to make an escape with her in her Prius. As Alice and Rain discussed the situation, the Prius was t-boned by a garbage truck and wrecked. Believing Rain to be dead, Alice and Becky fled. However, Rain was just knocked unconscious and regained consciousness soon afterwards as a horde of Undead chased Alice and Becky into a nearby house. Rain panicked at the sight and remained inside her Prius rather than following them.

Escaping Umbrella Prime and Death

Rain survived the deadly Suburbia simulation and managed to make her way into the subway part of the Moscow simulation. Inside the subway, Rain encountered Becky and the original Alice, mistaking Alice as the clone she'd met earlier in a different outfit. Alice nearly shot Rain before Becky reminded Alice how Rain had helped "them". Alice showed a protesting Rain how to use one of her machine guns before leaving Rain to protect Becky while she went to rescue Leon's strike team. As Rain led Becky to a hiding place, Becky told Rain she'd met Rain's sister and her sister wasn't very nice, leaving Rain confused.

Alice eventually returned with Leon, Barry Burton and Luther West and the group used a map left to Alice by Ada Wong to locate a way out. Shortly after boarding an elevator to the surface, Rain and Becky were attacked by an Uber Licker that abducted Becky. Attempting to protect the little girl, Rain fired at the Uber Licker only to have it strike her with its claw. The force of the Uber Licker's blow flung Rain headfirst into a pillar, snapping Rain's neck and killing her. Luther checked on Rain and informed Alice of her death.


Unlike the real Rain Ocampo and "Bad Rain", the clone known as "Good Rain" has a good-natured and non-violent personality. Amongst the memories she was imprinted with were campaigning for gun control and marching against the NRA. "Good Rain" also appeared to care about protecting the environment as she drove a Prius covered in leaf stickers. "Good Rain" was brave and intelligent, as seen with her deductions about the Undead outbreak in Suburbia and her efforts to protect Becky. When handed a gun and taught how to use it, "Good Rain" was clearly nervous but seemed slightly excited after shooting for the first time. Despite her beliefs against using guns, "Good Rain" was willing to use one in an attempt to save Becky's life from the Uber Licker.


The "Good Rain" clone wears a thin gray T-shirt with elaborate designs, which is covered by a short tan jacket. She wears long skinny blue jeans and wears grey pump heels. Her dark hair is loose and long past her shoulders.


Michelle Rodriguez (alongside Colin Salmon[1] and Oded Fehr) was rumored to reprise her role as Rain in Resident Evil: Retribution during late September.[2] Casting news was later confirmed on twitter.[3] Unlike her other cast members, Rodriguez was cast in three roles for Rain, two of which have been dubbed "Good Rain" and "Bad Rain". The other was another civilian Rain clone who was bitten and infected by an Undead. However, the third Rain character was later removed from the film.

Rodriguez describes "Bad Rain" as "mechanical, very straight-forward and very matter-of-fact" and "Good Rain" as "awkward and different- someone who is quirky and doesn't know how to handle a gun and someone who is curious."[4]





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