Graffiti is generally the act of writing on the walls of buildings in a manner deemed anti-social. In Resident Evil Outbreak, Graffiti can be read with the use of a lighter, reading all graffiti on a scenario totals to extra points and a completion percentage increase. The graffiti must be read in order.

Outbreak scenarioEdit

The Lighter can be found in the Drawing Room.

  1. The first Graffiti is near the ladder, next to the crate closest to the camera.
  2. Go to the Rooftop, on the corner nearest to the door to the Store room.
  3. Examine the railing on 3F to rooftop.
  4. The fourth is beside the Blue Herb in the Liquor room.
  5. In the back-right corner of 3F of the Apartment, explore the crevice to find the Spear.
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