Graham (first name unknown) was the President of the United States of America from at least the years 2002-2004.[1] His only known relative is his daughter, Ashley.[2] Ashley was kidnapped by agents of the Spanish cult Los Iluminados using intel supplied by Jack Krauser, a soldier formerly attached to USSOCOM. Los Iluminados planned to inject her with Las Plagas eggs and return her home once the parasite had taken over her mind, as part of a broader plot to turn her father into a host. However, American contacts in Spain reported seeing Ashley, and government agent Leon S. Kennedy was dispatched to the area on a rescue mission, successfully managing to dismantle the leadership of Los Iluminados, remove the Plagas from Ashley's body (and his own), and safely escort Ashley out of the area and back home.

Further notes

While the English version of Resident Evil 4 implies the story takes place in November 2004 following the election, the Japanese version does not state that Graham is the "new" President. Chapter 42 of BIOHAZARD heavenly island later revealed the story takes place in August, making him the incumbent President and not the President-Elect.



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