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Graham is an American politician who served as President of the United States of America from 2001 to 2009.[1] Graham's term saw the emergence and escalation of the War on Terror.


First Term[]

After winning the 2000 Presidential election, Graham's first term saw considerable challenges inherited from his predecessors. Domestically, Graham was faced with the ramifications of the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, which saw the resignation of a previous president.[2] Graham maintained the policy of continuing a cover-up over the incident, leaving information of illegal bio-weapons deals with Umbrella Corporation at the expense of the Raccoon Trials lacking suitable evidence to determine guilt over the incident. Internationally, the end of the Cold War with the collapse of the Soviet Union a decade earlier only served to destabilise much of the world.

Graham's domestic and foreign challenges would come to ahead on the morning of Tuesday 11 September, when a coordinated terrorist attack devastated the American north-east, killing over three thousand people. In the immediate aftermath of these attacks, the United States led NATO in the War on Terror, intent on eliminating al-Qaeda, an Islamist terrorist network that had developed in the post-Cold War aftermath.[3][note 1]

Another creation during Graham's first term was the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, a federal agency dedicated to dealing with bioterrorism.[4] Alongside the FBC, a secret group within USSTRATCOM known as the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team was sent out around the world on operations striking at terrorist groups and crime syndicates seeking to obtain bioweapons. Graham had direct control over this army unit, with 2002 seeing one mission into South America and another in the Atlantic Ocean preventing a missile launch which was to disperse t-Virus over American airspace.[5][6] This secretive unit would be sent out on operations under Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol No. 7600, which gave blanket orders to content with biohazards and bioterrorism as a matter of national security regardless of location.

In 2003, the Umbrella Corporation finally entered its death throes as the US government struck a secret deal with Dr. Albert Wesker for information which could be used against the company in the Raccoon Trials.[7][8] Though the bankruptcy of Umbrella's subsidiaries ended Umbrella as a threat, the bio-weapons black market only rallied its operations under Wesker's group, Tricell and with the 2004 Terragrigia Panic the policy of denying the existence of B.O.W.s could no longer continue.[4]

Second Term[]

Near-coinciding with Graham's successful re-election in Autumn 2004, Graham suffered a personal tragedy when his daughter, Ashley, was abducted by Los Iluminados, a religious cult and paramilitary organization. The cult, led by the self-styled "Prophet" Osmund Saddler, had genetically engineered a breed of mind-controlling B.O.W. dubbed Las Plagas which forced the host to take the orders of Saddler's chosen lieutenants. With Ashley, the group planned to turn her into a parasite host herself and a mole able to implant others in Graham's circle with the parasites. Soon after her abduction, the plot was foiled by US-STRATCOM operator Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley was returned to the United States safely.[9]

2005 saw yet more challenges for Graham. The FBC itself was shut down following revelations its director, Morgan Lansdale, had masterminded the Terragrigia Panic to enhance his own position.[4] Without a sizeable counter to the threat of a domestic bioterror incident, the 75th Ranger Regiment was assigned those responsibilities. In November of that year, Graham initiated the Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol once more following confirmation of t-Virus being used in Harvardville. The work of Kennedy in that mission uncovered a plot by rogue elements of the defence contractor WP Corporation to smuggle out samples of the virus and a vaccine to the Republic of Bajirib.[2] A second biohazard incident took place in the city of St. Cloud in Minnesota, in which Graham was forced to call in BSAA operators for assistance - something he had not done in Harvardville.[10][11]

The Penamstan Conspiracy[]

A year later, the White House is placed on alert with an unidentified individual has hacked into confidential computer files and its origins traced back to a Local Area Network and an investigation was open up as the suspected individual might be a civil servant employed at the White House or politician within in his administration. The investigation is overseen personally by himself, his Chief of Staff, Ryan, and his Defense Secretary, Wilson. All people who were in the White House on the day of the hacking are subject to investigation to be led by four of their best agents: Jason, Shenmei, Patrick and Leon. The meeting between the individuals are held within the Oval Office though Leon is running late from his recent dealings with an bioterror incident in Pittsburgh.

Right as Leon arrives at the White House, the power goes out and the Secret Service springs to action, ready to take Graham to the Beast if necessary. When the back-ups fail to turn on, it becomes clear the mole from the previous night is still in the White House with Leon arriving shortly after. Leon meets with Graham at the Oval Office and warns him of the situation; the escape to the Beast is called off in favor of the bunker with the secret service mowing down any hostiles on the way and Patrick sent off as Graham's protection and Graham safely hidden from the attack.

In the morning, USARMIID teams arrive to collect the corpses and disinfect the White House. After consideration, Graham decides it is best to cover-up the incident, and the victims are declared to have gone on leave; by the afternoon the White House is busy as normal. Later, the DIA investigation behind the hacking determines the stolen files discussed a bio-research facility in Shanghai, which Wilson insists confirms Chinese responsibility. A top-secret operation is drawn up, in which Leon, Jason and Shenmei are to infiltrate the Shanghai facility.

After ASDS's last communication is sent out, the destruction is quickly notified in Washington and Graham is notified of both the unexplained disappearance and a Chinese fleet being redirected to its last known location which further leads him to believe Wilson's narrative. In the Oval Office, final preparations are being made for Graham's speech for the upcoming Penamstan peace accords. The speech is inflammatory, accusing China of a plot against the United States and calls for the continued military presence in the region as a bulwark against Chinese expansionism. Ryan is aghast at the speech and Wilson who co-wrote it, but Graham sides with the latter due to the evidence they have available.

President Graham sits in the Oval Office re-reading the speech for the Penamstan peace accords. Satisfied in its inflammatory comments, he departs for Andrews Air Force Base where the press conference is taking place. While the stage is being prepared, Patrick gets a call from Leon who had survived of ASDS's destruction and found the root cause, warns him about their recent discovery. On the surface, the peace accords are well underway and Graham is to give his speech. As he approaches the podium he is stopped by Patrick who informs him of Wilson's involvement. Realising a proxy conflict with China was all Wilson's idea, Graham puts aside the prepared speech and instead talks of his adoration of the Penamstani people for laying down their arms in search of a better future, with the US only helping them with aid for now on. After the speech, Leon sees Graham off on Air Force One.



  1. The Japanese version of the "Leon S. Kennedy" file confirms that 9/11 happened in this universe, that it did indeed lead to the War on Terror, and that the War on Terror transitioned towards bioweapons over time.
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