"The marking on the stone indicates that it once was set in something, but what? Nevertheless, a rare gem."
— Item examination

The Green Catseye is an optional treasure item in the main game of Resident Evil 4 and a necessary one to advance in the Separate Ways sidegame. It is worth 3,000₧ and can be combined with the Beerstein.


In Separate Ways Chapter 1, Ada uses the Green Catseye by setting it on the pedestal where she finds the Los Illuminados Insignia to weigh the pedestal down; otherwise, when the insignia is removed, a gate closes over the area and Ada can't escape.

However, when Leon takes the Catseye during his playthrough, the gate doesn't close even though he doesn't replace it with another item. Examining the item yields the description "There are scratches on it that suggest it had been placed in some mechanism."


In the maingame, it is first available to get in Chapter 1–3. It is found behind the church where you have to solve the 3 family insignia puzzle to get it.



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