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One of three different herbs found growing in pots around the Arklay Mountains and Raccoon City, along with the Red Herb and Blue Herb. The Green and Red Herbs are also found in Spain (along with the new Yellow Herb) as well as Africa, and the Mediterranean. The Green Herb is later found in China, Eastern Europe and elsewhere in the United States.

The Green Herb is used for Physical Strength and has appeared in every game in the series to date. Combining Green Herbs with Red Herbs, Blue Herbs, and Yellow Herbs can have significant health benefits, such as health being completely restored, poisons being cured, and maximum health being increased. Likewise, combining one (or two Green Herbs in some games) with another Green Herb will raise the herb's potency, thereby increasing its health restoration amount. Apart from improving one's health, the Green Herb has also been used as a bug repellant, particularly used in Drain Deimos' parasitic larvae.[1]


In a majority of the series, the Green Herb can be mixed with Red and Blue Herbs which will either increase its potency or give it antidote properties on top of its own healing properties. All three can be combined to create a powerful herb that cures poison, as well.[notes 1]

Herb Mixture Chart[]

Herbs Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis CODE: Veronica Resident Evil 5 Survivor
Green 20%-30% 20%-30% 20%-30% 20%-30% 20%-30% 25% of Max 20%-30%
Red Combine Combine Combine Combine Combine Combine Combine
Blue Antidote Antidote Antidote Antidote Antidote N/A Antidote
G + G 50%-60% 50%-60% 50%-60% 50%-60% 50%-60% 50% of Max 50%-60%
G+G+G 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% N/A 100%
G + B 20%-30%, Antidote 20%-30%, Antidote 20%-30%, Antidote 20%-30%, Antidote 20%-30%, Antidote N/A 20%-30%, Antidote
G+G+B 50%-60%, Antidote 50%-60%, Antidote 50%-60%, Antidote 50%-60%, Antidote 50%-60%, Antidote N/A 50%-60%, Antidote
G + R 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
G+R+B 100%, Antidote 100%, Antidote 100%, Antidote 100%, Antidote 100%, Antidote N/A 100%, Antidote

Green and Yellow Herbs (RE4)[]

Green Herbs make a return in Resident Evil 4, along with Red Herbs. There are no Blue Herbs as poison has been removed, however Green Herbs can now be combined with new Yellow Herbs. Combining a Yellow Herb with the Green Herb acts as an additive to give the herb combination the ability to permanently raise the overall health of the user.

Herb Combination Chart (RE4)[]

Green Yellow Red G+G G+G+G G+Y G+R G+R+Y
20%-30% Combine Combine 50%-60% 100% 20%-30%, +1 Max Health 100% 100%, +1 Max Health

Herb Tablets (RE6)[]

Main article: Health Tablets

In Resident Evil 6, Green and Red Herbs both return. However instead of using the herbs directly to heal, the herbs can be turned into tablets that can be placed in a storage case. When the tablets are placed in the storage case, they can be automatically used in-game through a button press. Different mixtures give a different number of tablets. One tablet will heal one block of health for any character, the max health being six blocks.

Herb Tablet Chart[]

Green Red G + G G+G+G G + R
1 Tablet No Use 3 Tablets 6 Tablets 6 Tablets

Herbs as Anti-Virals (Outbreak)[]

In Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak File #2, the Green Herb and other herbs function mostly the same. The difference is that every herb and herb combination is capable of staving off the t-Virus infection of players briefly. Although they are not as substantial as an Anti-Virus, it is still incredibly helpful. Also, it will stop the effects of the Nerve gas, in the Desperate Times scenario.

Herb Usage Chart (Outbreak)[]

Green Red Blue G+G G+G+G G+B G+G+B B+R G+R G+R+B
500 Combine Antidote 1,000 1,700 500, Antidote 1,000, Antidote Combine, Antidote 2,000 2,200, Antidote

Mercenaries 3D[]

In the 3DS title, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Green Herbs are the only herb and healing item found. Some characters start with them and otherwise, they can be dropped by enemies when defeated. In Mercenaries 3D, the effectiveness of a Green Herb is dependent upon the character that is being played.

Mercenaries Herb Usage Chart[]

Barry Burton Rebecca Chambers HUNK Jack Krauser Chris Redfield Claire Redfield Jill Valentine Albert Wesker
180 450 270 210 300 360 330 300
Barry Burton (Patriotic) Rebecca Chambers (Nurse) HUNK (Mr. Death) Jack Krauser (Exo-Skeleton) Chris Redfield (Pilot Suit) Claire Redfield (Suit) Jill Valentine (Casual) Albert Wesker (Uroboros)
390 600 180 150 330 240 390 90

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard[]

Green Herbs make a return in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. A Green Herb alone can be used to recover a small portion of health. It can also be combined with a Chem Fluid, creating a First Aid Med, which recovers a bigger portion of health, or with a Strong Chem Fluid to form a Strong First Aid Med, which heals the player completely.

Other Titles[]

In some titles, Green Herbs are used solely by themselves and are the only herb found. Gun Survivor 2 and Dead Aim feature only Green Herbs (along with First Aid Sprays) that heal a small bit of health.

In Revelations, Green Herbs can be found through the scanning mechanic, or picked up throughout the normal course of gameplay in Raid Mode. The number of herbs the player can carry is five. As they are the only healing items available, they heal the player 100%, and with certain weapons attachments in Raid Mode, can also heal a nearby partner.

In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, both Green Herbs and Red Herbs are featured, with Green Herbs used as an aerosol spray similar to First Aid Sprays. Combining a Red Herb with a Green Herb produces three Green Herbs.

In Umbrella Chronicles, Green Herbs are found and used automatically and are very uncommon. This changed in Darkside Chronicles, where they can be stored in the inventory and used manually by pressing the "+" Button.

In Resident Evil Gaiden, Green Herbs are accompanied with Yellow, Red, Blue, and Purple Herbs but there is no herb mixing.

Herb Usage Chart[]

Herbs Survivor 2 Dead Aim Revelations Revelations 2 Gaiden Umbrella Chronicles Darkside Chronicles
Green 20%-30% 25% 100% 100% 20%-30% 50% (Normal) 50% (Normal)
Yellow N/A N/A N/A N/A 50%-60% N/A N/A
Red N/A N/A N/A Combine 90%-100% N/A N/A
Blue N/A N/A N/A N/A Antidote N/A N/A
Purple N/A N/A N/A N/A 90%-100%, Antidote N/A N/A


Resident Evil 4[]

  • Green Herb
"Herb that restores partial health."
  • Red Herb
"Mixing it with a Green Herb will completely restore health."
  • Yellow Herb
"Mixing it with a Green Herb will increase your maximum health."
  • Green Herb (x2)
"A mixture of 2 Green Herbs. Restores health significantly."
  • Green Herb (x3)
"A mixture of 3 Green Herbs. Completely restores health."
  • Mixed Herbs (G+R)
"A mixture of 2 different herbs. Completely restores health."
  • Mixed Herbs (G+Y)
"A mixture of 2 different herbs. It increases your maximum health and restores health by a small degree."
  • Mixed Herbs (R+Y)
"A mixture of two different herbs. Further mixing with a Green Herb will increase your maximum health as well as restoring health completely."
  • Mixed Herbs (G+R+Y)
"A mixture of 3 different herbs. It increases your maximum health and restores health completely."

Resident Evil 5[]

  • Herb (Green)
"Restores a quarter of one's health. Its efficiency is greatly increased when combined with another herb."
  • Herb (Red)
"The red herb has no effect on its own, but can greatly increase the healing properties of a green herb when combined."
  • Herb (G+G)
"A mixture of 2 green herbs. Restores half of one's health."
  • Herb (G+R)
"A health restorative made from the combination of a green herb and a red herb. It will completely restore one's health."

Resident Evil 2 (2019)[]

"A green herb native to the Arklay Mountains. It will restore a small amount of health."


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  1. A majority of these numbers are rough estimates as there are no known precise numbers for some of them. It should be noted in the Botany Book, it is said a Red Herb increases the the potency of a Green Herb to three times its normal potency. Outbreak's official numbers contradict this, however.