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"A ground down medicinal plant. Relieves fatigue and heals wounds."
— Inventory description

The Green Herb, also simply called Herb, is the only healing item available in Resident Evil: Revelations. It heals the player completely upon usage regardless of the mode being played.


In the main game, the character can only hold up to 5 herbs. Green herbs can be found in the environment or be acquired by reaching a 100% on the Genesis.

If the Genesis is at 100% but the player is full on herbs, it will not give a herb until one is used and the player aims the Genesis again.

It's also possible to gain herbs via RE.NET in the HD versions of the game, provided a partner sends the user a supply.

In the 3DS version, in order to unlock the Autoloader custom part in the campaign, the player needs to finish the whole game without using a single herb nor the Infinite Rocket Launcher.

Raid Mode

In Raid Mode, Herb Cases can be bought in the store as the player levels up to increase the maximum capacity of herbs, with the max number being 14.

There are two Custom Parts that are related to the herb:

The herb can be found in the environment in most stages, it can also be acquired by killing scripted enemies (such as an Aculeozzo). In The Ghost Ship and The Ghost Ship: Chaos, there are no herbs to be found, only Aculeozzos can drop it, unless the Fertilizer custom part is being used.

If the golden BSAA medal is hit with a fully charged melee, it will also give out one free Green Herb.