"Heal your wounds. Can also heal your partner if they're close by."
— Item description

The Green Herb (グリーンハーブ?) is an item in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


The Green Herb is the only item that heals the player in the game, it can be used to heal a partner character if they are close enough, be it in the campaign or Raid Mode.

It can be combined with either the Red Herb to create three green herbs, or with Cloth to create a Tourniquet

In the campaign, there are two skills that boost the Green Herb:

  • Quick Heal - Makes the player heal faster.
  • Medical Knowledge - Makes the herb heal more.

In Raid Mode, there are no Red Herbs. Three skills are related to the way the Green Herb works:

  • Herb Storage - Lets the player carry more herbs in their inventory.
  • Extreme Healing - Allows the player to heal at any time, during any animation.
  • Quick Heal - Makes the player heal faster.


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