Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Greg Tester was a Senator of United States of America.

Raccoon City

Senator Tester was friends with Doctor Nathaniel Bard, director of Spencer Memorial Hospital, and Chief of Raccoon City Police Department, three of them were closely associated and participated in secular events with Raccoon City most wealthy and known individuals.

t-Virus outbreak

When it became apparent that the city was lost to the virus and zombies it created, Bard urged his friend, Senator Tester, through an email, to rescue him out of the city, as he hoped that Tester's wealth and ties will allow him to secretly evacuate him out of the doomed city, using his ability to produce a t-vaccine as leverage and threatening Tester with imminent viral outbreak in Washington, without Umbrella Corporation's notice. It is not known if Tester read it, as Dr. Bard was killed by Nikolai Zinoviev, Monitor,an operative of Umbrella and mercenary serving in U.B.C.S. and holding a rank of sergeant, before getting help, if such was ever considered on Tester's part.


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