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Greg Tester was a Senator of the United States of America.[1]


Little is known about Tester's earlier life and career other than that he began his political career and became a Senator in the United States Congress by 1998, presumably representing the state in which Arklay County is located.

Senator Tester was close friends with Umbrella Corporation biologist Dr. Nathaniel Bard, who was a senior researcher at NEST 2 and Chief Researcher of Spencer Memorial Hospital, as well as Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon Police Department. The three of them regularly associated with one another and participated in events with Raccoon City's wealthiest and most well-known individuals. Dr. Bard in particular frequently colluded with Tester, often using his connection with Tester to bribe the Senator into performing actions that would help to further his research career.[2]

On the evening of September 10, 1998, Senator Tester attended a banquet at the Central Hotel in Raccoon City discussing a recently-formed Special Medical Zone in the city, together with Bard, Irons and Raccoon City Mayor Michael Warren, among others. Following the main banquet, Tester met up with Bard and Irons in a hotel suite booked for the afterparty in order to conduct a secret transaction; Tester promised Bard that he would introduce a bill in Congress the following August lobbying for the approval of a prototype drug which the latter had developed and its authorization for use in the American public health system in return for an undisclosed sum of cash. Chief Irons was also privy to this deal.[2]

t-Virus outbreak[]

Senator Tester was outside of Raccoon City when the Raccoon City Destruction Incident began. When it became apparent that the city was lost to the t-Virus and the zombies it created, Dr. Bard attempted to contact Tester through an email and urge him to rescue him from the city. Bard attempted to use his occupational status and friendship with Tester to convince him to use his wealth and ties to secretly evacuate him out of the doomed city via a government-sent rescue team without the involvement or knowledge of Umbrella. He further claimed that the t-Virus would spread beyond Raccoon City and consume the entire United States, offering to protect Tester with a single sample of the t-virus vaccine which he had created in exchange for his safety.[3]

It is not known if Tester read the email, as Dr. Bard was killed by Nikolai Zinoviev, a U.B.C.S. sergeant and Monitor, before getting any help, if such was ever considered on Tester's part.[4]


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