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Gregorio Salazar, also known as Gregorio the Conqueror, was a European nobleman who lived during the Spanish Renaissance. He was celebrated as a folk hero by the people of a remote Spanish mountain community. Whether he was from there or claimed the territory as his own is uncertain.


During Salazar's lifetime, much of the Iberian kingdoms were politically unified under King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile, otherwise known as the Catholic Monarchs. Under the two, the emerging Spanish nation gradually concluded the Reconquista and began the Inquisition targeting Jews and Muslims. During this time there lay a pagan community rooted in a mountainous region, said to perform human sacrifice rituals and indoctrinate people with mind-control parasites called Las Plagas. Salazar led a small army in slaughtering followers of the cult, with some being tied up and executed and others burnt at the stake. The parasites themselves were sealed away in an ancient complex in the caves beneath a castle.[1] When the conquest was completed, Salazar took on the role of a feudal lord, both protecting the Roman Catholic converts and persecuting any suspected crypto-Iluminados activities. Following Salazar's death, his descendants maintained this state of affairs into the 21st century under Ramón Salazar, where he was romanticised as a folk hero.[2]

Family tree[]

Gregorio, The Conquerer
Hipólito, The Demon Sealer
Gregorio, The Architect
José Alonso, The Tranquil
Alejandro, The Lavish
María Isabel, The Lady
Diego, The Severe


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