The Grenade is a Weapon card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game.


It is one of the most basic weapons in the game and features no "special weapon" variation. It is succeeded by the Flash Grenade in Alliance. The Grenade has its own unique deck in the Resource Area, much like the Longbow and Six Shooter. The grenade naturally takes no ammo and deals 15 Damage by itself. Its effects both use "splash damage" to damage other players adjacent to whomever is being attacked (in Story and Mercenaries Mode) or attacking (Versus). This splash damage is only 5 Damage but can be increased with certain effects. Like all Explosive type weapons, it must be trashed after use (returned to the Resource Area). Two cards in the Deck Building Game change that into simply putting into the discard pile; the original Jill Valentine card and the Grenade Launcher.


This cards Gold Cost is 40.


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