The Grenade Launcher is a single shot weapon that appears in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

Like other grenade launchers in the Resident Evil series, the one in Outbreak is capable of using 3 types of ammunition:

The Grenade Launcher is ideal for battling most bosses and sub-bosses. Take note that characters will always reload the launcher after each shot (unless ammo runs out), giving enemies time to attack them while reloading. Also, male characters will reload faster than female characters.

In Outbreak, it is found on the Hellfire and Decisions, Decisions scenarios. On File #2, it is found on the Flashback, End of the road, Elimination 2 and Showdown 1 and 3 scenarios. On Hellfire, it can only be equipped with Acid rounds, while on Decisions, Decisions, it's only equipped with burst rounds. On Flashback and Elimination 2, it's only found with flame rounds, and on End of the Road, Showdown 1 and 3, both burst rounds and acid rounds are available.


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