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The Grenade Launcher is a non-lethal launcher which fires 37mm non-lethal rounds (foam or wooden or tear gas payload) designed for riot control.

It was featured in both Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Director's Cut as the Bazooka (or as the Grenade Gun in Japanese releases). The weapon's game model resembles the weapon's real-life design.

In the Remake, it is simply called Grenade Launcher, and there is a useful glitch that involves the weapon, that you can get more than 250 Rounds with any set of Grenade Rounds, using the Item Box. This is best used on Incendiary Rounds, because using them on a zombie would burn it, preventing it from turning into a Crimson Head. This is confirmed to only work on the NTSC version, as it appears that the PAL version fixed this glitch, and it is also fixed on the Wii port and the HD Remaster.[citation needed]

In the Remake, the ARWEN has been modified with an AR-style lower receiver assembly, selector, and a four-position collapsible stock. It includes an assault rifle stock and grip rather than its real life counterpart.

It is Forest Speyer's weapon of choice. On both the original and the Remake, the Bazooka/Grenade Launcher is exclusive to Jill; as such, Chris cannot obtain it under normal means.


Ammunition (Note that in original you have to empty the weapon in order to load another round into it.)

Grenade Shells (Explosive Rounds in the original):

Rounds that are filled with high explosive. The most common grenade round type. They are also weaker compared to other rounds. It is recommended for hunters, zombies (only in the original in order to empty the gun) and chimeras (only in the remake).

Acid Shells (Acid Rounds in the original):

Rounds that are filled with sulfuric acid. The rarest grenade round type. They are the most powerful round in the game. Yawn and Tyrant take bonus damage from this round. Some hunters can be instantly killed with a single round.

Incendiary Shells (Flame Rounds in the original):

Rounds that are filled with napalm. Zombies in the remake can be burned to death thus preventing them from turning into Crimson Heads with these rounds. Plant 42 and Black Tiger take bonus damage from this round. For the former make sure to aim upward otherwise the shot can miss the target. For the latter 1 grenade round can kill it instantly in the original game's normal difficulty.


The weapon is located on Forest's body on the mansion's east terrace. As Chris, he will receive a clip for the Beretta instead.


  • Examine with no ammo loaded
"A gun that fires grenade rounds, acid rounds, or incendiary rounds."
  • Examine with EXPLOSIVE R. loaded (Original)
  • Examine with Grenade Shells loaded (Remake)
"Grenades are already loaded."
  • Examine with FLAME ROUNDS loaded (Original)
"FLAME ROUNDS loaded."
  • Examine with Incendiary Shells loaded (Remake)
"It's loaded with Incendiary rounds."
  • Examine with ACID ROUNDS loaded (Original)
"ACID ROUNDS loaded."
  • Examine with Acid Shells loaded (Remake)
"It's loaded with Acid rounds"