For the 2019 remake weapon, see GM 79.
"M79 Grenade Launcher. Various rounds can be used. The cut stock causes a greater recoil. Made in the USA."
— Item examination - English
"M79グレネードランチャー 多様な弾を使用する事が出来る武器である(アメリカ製)ストックが切れているので撃った後の反動が大きい "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Grenade Launcher (グレネードランチャー gurenēdo-ranchā?) is a weapon item that can be found in Resident Evil 2. It is identified as an American M79 Grenade Launcher, with a sawed-off stock which causes a greater recoil.


The Grenade Launcher is Claire's most powerful weapon with the ability to use three types of grenade rounds, which are:

  • Explosive Rounds
  • Flame Rounds
  • Acid Rounds

With the Explosives Rounds equipped, the short range of these ammunitions scatter and explode upon contact, damaging any enemies within range.

The Flame Rounds doesn't knock an enemy back, but leaves them burning, dealing additional damage. It is quite effective against the Ivy enemies.

The Acid Rounds corrode any target who is hit, often killing normal enemies in one shot, particularly the Lickers. However it is also the rarest of all the Grenade Rounds.

  • The Grenade Launcher fires very slowly.
  • The player will be able to load an entire stack of the same ammunition into the weapon, up to 255 rounds.
  • Compared to Leon's Magnum, the Grenade Launcher does slightly less damage, even with the powerful Acid Rounds. (Plus, the customization of the magnum will completely outclass the Launcher.) However, this weapon has the versatility of using different and special purpose grenades and is much more effective in crowd control.


Main Game

Claire Redfield can find this weapon in the weapons locker inside the S.T.A.R.S. office (Scenario A) or in the counter of the R.P.D. Main Hall (Scenario B).

Extreme Battle Mode

  • Claire's only weapon in the mini game is the Grenade Launcher, with an assortment of grenade rounds.

Other appearances

The following are also M79 or weapons with similar design according to each game they appear in:


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