The Grenade Launcher is a weapon in Resident Evil 5. It can either be found or purchase from the main game.


"Powerful weapon that can fire six different types of grenades. Ammo is sold separately."

This weapon is first found in the ancient ruins (Chapter 4-1 "Caves") in a weapons case, loaded with 12 Explosive Rounds. It holds up to 12 grenades of the same type at a time. Rounds it can use are:

"Large shells for use with the grenade launcher. Emits a blinding flash and deafening noise upon impact."

• Flash Rounds: Same effect as the Flash Grenade, but the player has less chance to be blinded. Inflicts 100 damage, ideal against Las Plagas. Two packs can be found in the same area where the weapon is found, inside a chest. Each pack has three rounds.

"Large shells for use with the grenade launcher. Releases a high-powered electric charge upon impact."

• Electric Rounds: Similar effect to the Stun Rod but in a wide area, like shooting a transformer. Very effective against Reapers. Inflicts 400 damage;

"Large shells filled with liquid nitrogen. Freezes targets upon impact."

• Nitrogen Rounds: Freezes enemies in their tracks but not bosses, like Chainsaw Majini. Frozen enemies can be defeated by single hit of Melee attacks and firearms (including the Knife). Inflicts 100 damage;

"Large shells filled with plastic explosives. The wide damage radius can hit multiple targets."

• Explosive Rounds: Same effect as the Hand Grenade, but instant. Inflicts 1000 damage;

"Large shells filled with a potent chemical. The reaction upon impact creates a conflagration."

• Flame Rounds: Same effect as Incendiary Grenades, but in a wider area. Very effective against Uroboros Mkono and Wesker in his mutated form. Inflicts 500 damage, some can be found before the boss fight in Chapter 5–2. 

"Large shells for use with the grenade launcher. Filled with a highly concentrated sulfuric acid."

• Acid Rounds: Melts enemies in matter of seconds. Very effective against Licker β. Some can be found in the ruins area in chapter 5–3. Inflicts 500 damage.

Due to the fact that the player has to either acquire or purchase ammo, it is the only weapon (Excluding the knife and stun rod) that cannot have an infinite ammunition bonus. It is also the only weapon for which ammo is available in the game shop. In order to switch ammo, the player must select the desired ammo and "Combine" (or simply press X on the Xbox and Square on the PS3) with the Grenade Launcher; pre-loaded ammo will be given back as ammo clips.

In The Mercenaries, it is used by Chris in his S.T.A.R.S costume, by Sheva in her Tribal costume and in The Mercenaries Reunion by Excella. Chris's comes equipped with twelve electric rounds, while Sheva's comes equipped with six nitrogen rounds and Excella's comes equipped with twelve flash rounds. A hidden grenade launcher equipped with twelve flame rounds (And twelve in reserve) can be found on a pile of the containers near the high ladder in the Ship Deck stage. Take note that, if playing with any above mentioned character, this grenade launcher cannot be picked up; Only the ammunition.

In Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

This weapon makes its appearance in the Rebecca's, Claire's and HUNK's loadout, in difference from Resident Evil 5 the ammunition can't be switched, indeed, in-game ammunition changes in every loadout.

Explosive Rounds - Rebecca Chambers Loadout

Electric Rounds - Claire Redfield Loadout

Flash Rounds - HUNK Loadout

There's also a Special type of this Grenade Launcher called Grenade Launcher (2-Way). This grenade launcher has Explosive Rounds with the special feature of having two cannons, shooting 2 grenades at same time, this special Grenade Launcher is alongside with the Red9 handgun in an external loadout, independient of any character, the unlocking of this "special loadout" is 15 3DS Play Coins instead of 10, the normal price of unlocking other character's loadouts.


See: Grenade Rounds

Further Notes

  • There is an Easter egg associated with this weapon. Under the base of the fore grip there is a :) Smiley-Face emoticon. It is most noticeable when the player falls backwards or enters the dying state before their partner can save them with the grenade launcher on their back, as falling forward positions the camera directly behind it.
  • The weapon in real life features 6 rounds instead of 12 in the game.
    • And although this weapon holds 12 rounds, the reloading animation features only 6.
  • This is the only weapon in Resident Evil 5 that players can buy ammunition for, as well as being the only weapon which doesn't have an infinite ammo bonus. It is also one of the few weapons that cannot be upgraded.
  • The grenade flies in a straight direction, but in the real life counterpart the grenade flies in arch direction.


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