Description Edit

The Grenade Launcher is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 6. It is a powerful, Semi-automatic Grenade Launcher. It is found by Chris and Piers in chapter 3 while assisting Jake and Sherry in taking down a Helicopter.

Gameplay Edit

It can utilize 3 different types of ammo which can be toggled between each other when aiming, it's possible to either reload every time the ammo type is changed, or bypass a reload by using the option within the inventory to switch the ammo type. The three types are as follows:

  • 40mm Explosive Rounds: Explodes on contact, dealing high damage.J'avo and zombies can be instantly killed with these rounds.
  • 40mm Acid Rounds: Corrodes and melts enemies on contact.Has more blast radius compared to other rounds.Highly effective against Gnezdos.
  • 40mm Nitrogen Rounds: Freezes enemies on contact.Highly effective against Napads and Strelats(only for new game+).

In The Mercenaries, the Grenade Launcher is used by Costume 1 for Leon and Jake as well as default HelenaCarla, and Nick (in the PC version's The Mercenaries No Mercy).

Leon comes loaded with five Nitrogen Rounds while Jake is loaded with six Explosive Rounds and twelve in reserve and Helena with six Acid Rounds. Carla starts with six Explosive Rounds loaded but she also has twelve Acid Rounds and six Nitrogen Rounds in her inventory. Nick comes loaded with 6 explosive rounds, with 12 Nitrogen Rounds in his inventory.

Additional NotesEdit

  • Strangely when you toggle between the different ammo types and reload, it counts as having the ammo already preloaded into the gun. For example, having 6 Acid Rounds in your inventory and toggling it to acid rounds reloads the weapon uses up the 6 rounds in your inventory, switching back to Explosive rounds will reload the 6 explosive rounds into your inventory, but the acid rounds will not be added back into your inventory, though when toggling back to the acid rounds, you still have the 6 rounds. This essentially means you can technically have about 18 rounds preloaded into your weapon without the rounds being in your inventory, freeing up space in your inventory. For this reason whenever getting rounds for this weapon it would be best to preload the ammo into the gun, to free up space in your inventory.


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