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"A handmade grenade launcher. Can use different ammo types."
— Inventory description

Grenade Launcher (グレネードランチャー gurenēdoranchā?) is a weapon in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Grenade Launcher uses two kinds of ammunition; Flame Rounds and Neuro Rounds. It takes two bag slots in Ethan's inventory, and only fires one round before needing to be reloaded. Both rounds are very powerful in itself but deals extra damage depending on the type of enemies each type are used on. 2 Flame Rounds can also knock a fat molded to the ground.

Flame rounds do extra damage to Marguerite's mutated form. They are also useful in Jack's mutated form's weakspots due to the fact that player can't always have a clear line of sight. If used on normal molded, it can destroy creature's both legs and arms.

Neuro rounds slow down and deal high damage to any kind of molded as well as Jack that appears in Nightmare. They are also rarer compared to Flame Rounds.

Ammo is very rare to find and not much can be crafted as both types of grenade rounds use the uncommon Strong Chem Fluid.

On Easy and Normal difficulty, the Grenade Launcher is located in the Supplies room of the Main House 1F, which requires the Crow Key to open. On Madhouse difficulty, it is located on the table of the trailer in the Yard. If not picked up in its initial location, it will be relocated to the Swamp in the Main Office later during the Main Game.

Jack's 55th Birthday[]

In Jack's 55th Birthday, the Grenade Launcher can be found during "Main House 1" on Main House 2F in Storage and also during "Main House 2" on Main House 2F in the Master Bedroom.