Grenade Rounds are the ammunition used for Grenade Launcher weapons.  These are basic grenades, relatively common and possessing average damage. In some of the games, they fragment after launch, damaging groups of enemies while knocking over larger B.O.W.s. These grenades, if a fragmenting type, often have the shortest range but tend to be quite common. Otherwise, they detonate on impact. In Resident Evil 3, these grenades can be used as a base to create some of the more powerful varieties below.


Display name Game Icon Examine Max rounds per space
Explosive Rounds Resident Evil 5 Round1-RE5 "Large shells filled with plastic explosives. The wide damage radius can hit multiple targets." 12
Grenades Resident Evil 0 Round1-RE0 "These grenades are filled with conventional explosives."
Grenade Shells Resident Evil Round1-RE1Round1-REmake
Grenade Rounds Resident Evil 2 Grenaderounds
Grenade Rounds Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Grenaderounds
Grenade Rounds Resident Evil: Survivor Survivor 1 Grenade Rounds "Grenade Bearing Rounds These can be used with the M79 Grenade Launcher."
Grenade Rounds Resident Evil CODE:Veronica Grenaderounds-0
40mm Explosive Rounds Resident Evil 6
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