"Grenade bearing Rounds. For the M79 Grenade Launcher."
— Item examination - English
"グレネードベアリング弾 M79グレネードランチャーに使用する バラまくタイプの弾 "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Grenade Rounds (グレネード弾 gurenēdo-tama?) are an ammunition item in Resident Evil 2. They are exclusive to Claire Redfield as she is the only character who can obtain the Grenade Launcher.

Differently from most other games where this type of ammo fires a single explosive projectile, the Grenade Rounds in Resident Evil 2 launches a shower of small explosives that cover a considerable area, but at a shorter range then other types of ammunition used by the Grenade Launcher.


Due to its wide spread, these rounds are the most effective against any groups of enemies.


Claire A

Claire B


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