A Grenade Launcher is a powerful weapon found in the Resident Evil series. These launchers fire grenade-cartridges which explode upon solid impact. They can propel grenades with more accuracy, higher velocity, and greater distances than a soldier could throw by hand. They come in single-shot and revolver types.

The Grenade Launcher has appeared almost all Resident Evil games, except Resident Evil 4. The Launchers in the series are capable of utilizing several kinds of ammunition, such as fragmentation, napalm, and acid grenades. These weapons are usually slow firing, with a short to medium range best used for killing larger B.O.W. s and boss monsters.

The Grenade Launcher is the third most powerful weapon type in Resident Evil, next to the Magnum and the Rocket Launcher. While not as powerful as the other two, Grenade Launchers have the versatility of having many different types of ammo.

For a list of ammunition types, see Grenade Rounds.

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Marvel vs. Capcom seriesEdit

Jill Valentine uses a grenade launcher in some of her basic moves in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Chris Redfield uses a grenade launcher with different types of rounds for one of his hyper combos.

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