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Griffin (グリフォン gurifon?) is an enemy that was planned to appear in the cancelled BIOHAZARD 4 game dubbed "Stylish". Two versions were envisioned for the game's second stage, the mid-tier "Griffin Baby" and an adult which would serve as the stage boss. The adult version would make its way into Devil May Cry nearly unchanged as the game's second major boss[1][excerpt 1] while the baby version went as far as the modeling stage, but was eventually cut due to it "looking too cute".[2][excerpt 2]

In the Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts book, Yoshinori Matsushita commented on how he felt sorry about giving too much detail for the modelers to deal with in regards to this monster (Adult ver.), because of the polygon restrictions at the time.[3][excerpt 3]


In Devil May Cry 5, one of V's familiars is called Griffon. Griffon is a direct reference to the Griffon present in Devil May Cry, where not only does he use the same movesets as the original version, but his soundtrack when he is fought by Dante in Mission 18 is also a remix of Griffon's boss theme in the first game.

Devil May Cry 5 also has a boss named Malphas. She is a demon who is strapped to a giant bird-like demon who resembles a featherless chicken. This demon could be a reference to the Griffon Baby version of the enemy that was cut from the original Devil May Cry.



  1. Do any of the demons in "DMC" have noticeable traces of their origins as B.O.W.'s for "RE"?
    Takeyasu: As far as design goes, Beelzebub was completely unchanged. However, its polygon count was much lower than when the game was "RE 4". The same goes for Blade, minus the armor. It was originally a Hunter for "RE". You know how Phantom has flames running through its body? In "RE 4", that was going to be blood instead. Also, if you just make Griffon a bit more ragged-looking, that's basically his "RE 4" design. As soon as we switched to "DMC", we were told to patch up our monsters. Give them some first aid, if you will. They were originally zombie-like creatures, so we had to extract that zombie virus and make them healthy again. (laughs)
  2. These images are of monsters that didn't make the cut when the game officially became "Devil May Cry". There are a lot that I really like, but their designs aren't well-suited to "Devil May Cry". I especially like the Griffon Baby on page 69. That one actually made it as far as the modeling stage, but it wound up looking too cute... so naturally, it was cut. (Matsushita)
  3. Most of these demon illustrations were done back when the game was doing to be "Resident Evil 4". That's why a lot of them look less like demons and more like gross monsters. In hindsight, these designs were really too rooted in fantasy for "Resident Evil" and not explosive enough for "Devil May Cry"; sort of a lackluster compromise. I was transferred to a different team in the middle of production, so I experienced one surprise after another when I saw the final version of "Devil May Cry". Look closely and you'll notice that the Griffon has many faces. That's a leftover from the "Resident Evil" phase. I remember feeling sorry about giving the modelers so many details to deal with, given the restrictions on polygon count at the time. (Matsushita)