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Grigori Stan was a resident in a neopagan communal village in an Eastern European mountain range.


Like the others in the village, Stan was infected with Mold to ensure his continued loyalty and worship of Mother Miranda and the Black God, which were the subject of worship in their village. In February 2021, the village was victim to repeated attacks by Lycans, who had been a threat for a century but usually kept back. By Monday 8 February, much of the village had been destroyed, though Stan held out, armed with several firearms and in hiding. In the early hours of Tuesday, Ethan Winters trespassed. An outsider with no familiarity with the Lycans, he was unprepared in defending the house. While arming Winters, Stan was grabbed by a Lycan from above and pulled into the ceiling where he was mauled to death.

Further notes

  • The character's full name is not mentioned in the game itself, though is revealed in an unlockable at RESIDENT EVIL.NET.
  • The name of the subtitle file for the scene where he is featured refers to him as "Gregory".



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