For the Guard ability from the Outbreak series, see Mark Wilkins/gameplay.

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Ethan guarding.

Guard is a player command in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


Platform Default Input
PlayStation 4 L1
XBOX ONE Left Bumper
PC Spacebar


Holding the Guard button will make the player character raise their arms up to brace for damage. If the player is hit while guarding, they will take reduces damage and stagger less. However, while guarding the player they will also move slower, have their vision obscured, and can not do other actions. Guarding is not completely effective, however, as the player can only block one attack at a time, and there are some attacks that can cause the player to stagger normally.

Guarding will reduce damage taken to 1/4th. During the main game and Ethan Must Die, the effectiveness of Guarding can be augmented with the The Secrets of Defense and The Essence of Defense items. Having one in the character's inventory will reduce damage taken to 1/8th and having both will block all damage. During Jack's 55th Birthday, the Guard Up Skill can be held to make Guarding more effective.

While in the Party room and the player triggers the dummy to attack them, the Guard command will let the player check their arm. Otherwise, the command does nothing during video tapes.

In "Not A Hero", performing guards at just the right time results in "Deflects" which will cause enemies to flinch. This ability can be augmented with the Easy Deflect item.


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