The guardtower plaza is a room in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1]


Rockfort Prison's guardtower is located here. From the vantage point, the entire prison complex can be seen. A spotlight and a machine gun are mounted in the tower. The plaza connects to each side of the prison, with the main gate connecting to the military base. A gate features a special lock design. During the H.C.F.'s attack on Rockfort Island, a transport vehicle crashed through the wall into the adjoining cemetery. The spilling oil from the vehicle was ignited and caused a fire to break out in the area.


Walking a few steps into the area upon first visit will trigger a cutscene where Claire Redfield encounters Steve Burnside for the first time. After the scene, the Handgun will be added to the player's inventory with 12 bullets loaded. A box of Handgun Bullets can be found by examining the body near the west door. There are no enemies here during the player's first visit.

The eastern door leads to the passage in front of prisoner building.

After obtaining the Extinguisher

After obtaining the Extinguisher from guillotine square, two zombies will spawn in the area. After extinguishing the fire in the cemetery and returning to the square, the area will be significantly darker and there will now be three zombies.


Location Localization Original script
Corpse near west door He is not breathing.
The south door It's been completely nailed down. It's impossible to open it.
Dumpster Apparently, a dust box.
The truck A truck used for transport. It looks like it crashed into the wall.
Northern gate This is the central gate of the prison. It's locked. A hawk's picture is carved into the hollow.






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