Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Guest House is featured in Beginning Hour with a different appearance to how it is in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.



Level B1F is the basement, which contained various storage materials as well as body bags. It also was the home of the Molder.


Level 1F consists of a living room, a foyer, a back hallway, and a kitchen-dining room. Near the living room is a molded door which leads to another hallway that leads to a bathroom and the stairs to the basement. The bathroom lacked a Valve Handle, and there was significant amounts of blood in both the toilet and the bathtub. The Valve Handle is required for gaining the M19 Handgun.


The second floor consists of a hallway, which bends to the right. It also has a switch, which lowers the staircase to the third floor, when the fuse is inserted and pressed. In the left hand corner of the room, near the staircase to the first floor, there are three mannequins, which will turn towards the player when not looked at. This event is required for one of the three unique phone call endings, whilst avoiding it is required for another.


Level 3F consists of an attic where a number of mannequins are stored along with an attic window leading to the roof of the house.


Examines within the guest house

Location Localization Original script Effect
The VHS player You don't have a videotape. ビデオテープを持っていない
Using an item that isn't “Derelict House Footage” on the VHS player That's not a videotape. これは再生できない
The piano The cover falls
The fuse box
The microwave
The pot on the table
The refrigerator
The locked drawer There's a small keyhole. 小さな鍵穴が開いている
The chained cabinet It's chained shut. チェーンでかたく閉ざされている
Using an item that isn't Bolt Cutters on the chain That won't cut it. これでは切断できなさそうだ
The back door You could get out if you had a key. ここから出られそうだが 鍵がかかっている
The valve hole Looks like you could fit something into it. 何か差し込めそうだ
The toilet before using the Valve Handle There's no water in the tank. タンクの水が空っぽのようだ
The basement door It's locked. カギがかかっている
The attic window It's locked. It seems to lead outside. カギがかかっている 外へ通じているようだが・・・



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