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The "Guide" was a teacher in the village of Mixcóatl, in Amparo.[1]


While an exchange student, he worked for an NPO.

When he returned to his home village, he became a teacher, and dedicated himself to raising educational standards. He was hired by a US secret military agency after they took notice of his high-level information gathering skills, and reliability, to work as their informant into Javier Hidalgo's dealing in the area.

He knew that spying on Javier could prove to be a dangerous proposition, but after seeing Javier's tyranny take the lives of so many of his countrymen, he agreed to the US government's proposition. Shortly before the government's agents arrived, he helped out Manuela Hidalgo when she fled from his mansion, although this ultimately resulted in her inadvertently releasing the t-virus at the village.

Sadly, he was attacked and killed by a B.O.W. released by Javier in retaliation. He ultimately died from his wounds, although not before managing to relay critical information about Manuela Hidalgo and the cause of the virus outbreak to the two agents sent to the village, STRATECOM agent Leon S. Kennedy and USSOCOM operative Jack Krauser. As a result, Leon and Krauser were left with no choice but to carry on with their mission without a guide. His final fate was that his corpse was left as a meal to the mutated Hilda Hidalgo.


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