The guillotine square is a room in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1]


A square connecting the prisoner building and main gate to the workroom. Supplies for the workroom are housed here, along with a holding area for prisoners connected directly to the medical building via a secret passage. The holding area is rigged with wall shackles and a guillotine. Both are covered in fresh blood.


When the player first enters the area, there are 3 zombies. Two zombies can be seen behind the fence but cannot be attacked. There is a button next to the shutter that does not work. The door at the end of the passage leads to the workroom.

After releasing the shutter lock

Once the player has released the lock to the outdoor shutter in the surveillance room, the zombies in the square will be gone. Upon raising the shutter with the switch, a short scene will trigger where two zombies appear from behind the shutter and the two zombies behind the fence break through the entrance. There is an explosive barrel inside of the storage area behind the shutter. The Extinguisher can be found in the back of the storage area.

In addition, the player can now enter the fenced area and obtain the Padlock Key from the guillotine.


Location Localization Original script
Northern door It's completely nailed down. It's impossible to open it.
Dumpster Apparently, a dust box.
Shutter switch (locked) This switch controls the outdoor shutters. Push the switch? (Y/N)
It appears to be locked. I must release the lock first.
Outdoor shutter The outdoor shutter is locked. I must release the lock.
Shutter switch (unlocked) This switch controls the outdoor shutters. Push the switch? (Y/N)
Shutter switch (opened shutter) The outdoor shutter is already open.
Bloody wall Something seems to have been tied up here... Fresh blood is stuck to the wall... A person might have been tied to the pillar...
Guillotine A guillotine, covered in blood. It seems that there is some fresh blood on it.
Secret entrance There is an indentation on the indigo blue plate.






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