"One of the items used for making ammunition. It can be combined with the Reloading Tool or the Grenade Rounds."
— Item examination - English
"弾薬の調合材料の1つだ リロードツールやグレネードの弾と組み合わせて使用する "
— Item examination - Japanese

Gun Powder A (ガンパウダーA Ganpaudā A?) is one of the two primary gun powder types in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (whereas Gun Powder C is a mixture of gun powder types A and B). Depending on your chosen degree of difficulty, the maximum number of canisters gun powder type "A" jars contained within the scenario is nineteen (twenty-one if two of them appear in the third floor of the Clock Tower, in the place of a half-dozen rounds for the Mine Thrower).

Manufacturing chart

It should be noted that each and every powder combination, when using the reloading tool, gives one point of experience to the player's total toward producing the same type of ammunition (gun powder mixtures "A", "A+A", "A+A+A", and "B+B+A", all reward just one experience point).

The various types of ammunition that can be produced by combining gun powder type "A" are as follows:

Combination With reloading tool Combined with Grenade Rounds
A 15 Handgun Bullets 6 Flame Rounds
A+A 35 Handgun Bullets 12 Flame Rounds
A+B (C) 10 Grenade Rounds 6 Freeze Rounds
A+C 10 Flame Rounds N/A
A+A+A 55 Handgun Bullets 18 Flame Rounds
A+A+B 20 Shotgun Shells N/A
A+B+B 60 Handgun Bullets N/A

Over time, the amount of ammunition being produced with the loading tool will exceed. After Handgun ammunition has been created four times, the multiplier is raised from "1" to "1.1". As such, the value from a single "A" production will yield 16.5 Handgun Bullets (the remainder is then rounded upwards to make 17 Handgun Bullets). Later on, the multiplier will be increased again, first to "1.3", then to "1.5" and finally to "1.7".

When deciding to make "Enhanced" Handgun Bullets, the multiplier will be different, instead lagging behind the standard multiplier (e.g. When the standard multiplier reaches "1.7", the 'Enhanced' multiplier would only just reach "1.5").




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